• Hello Guest, the Post-Trespasser timeline is open to all characters now. If you want to play your DA:O/DA2 timeline characters in the Post-Trespasser timeline, please check out the thread below. It will give you all the information you need to get up and running in no time:

    Getting your DA:O/DA2 Character ready for Post-Trespasser!

Getting your DA:O/DA2 Character ready for Post-Trespasser!

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Greeting everyone!

As our Post-Trespasser timeline gets into full swing, we have worked out a way to update your profiles for characters you want to become part of that timeline. Nine years have passed, so most characters will have experienced significant life events, improved on their existing skills and gained new ones.

Updating does not mean you cannot continue to play in the previous timeline, and your character in one timeline can diverge in growth and ability from the other as roleplay advances.

We ask at that you not edit existing profiles directly. Instead, add a response to the profile in the following format:

Backstory Update Summary:
Where your character is in the world, any positions they may hold, training they achieved, and any major points of growth you want to mention. This should be between two to four paragraphs. If you need to add more, that's fine, but staff might ask you to trim any superfluous information if it runs exceptionally long.

Skill Updates:

New Specializations: If your character would have gained an additional specialization or improved upon an existing specialization, please not the spec and the proficiency level of that spec here.

Non-Combat Skills: Provide a brief narrative describing any new or improved non-combat skills here.

Combat Skills: Provide a brief narrative describing any new or improved combat skills here.
You will need to request a profile unlock by staff to update your profile to add your updates, but you do not have to update your profile immediately to begin playing in the Post Trespasser timeline. We understand that it may take a bit of RP in the new timeline to get a feel for where your character is and what changes they have undergone, so take your time & let us know when you are ready (we'll nudge you if a couple of months go by).

New Character Profiles

Starting December 10th, a profile template update for new characters will add a field to mention which timeline the character is being created for (DA:O/DA2, Post-Trespasser, or Both). If both, your history and skills should extend to the post Trespasser timeline, but the history should give an idea of where they were & what they were doing during the DAO/DA2 period. When RP-ing in the earlier timeline, we just ask that you keep in mind that your character's skills will not be quite as advanced as they are in the later timeline and adjust your roleplay accordingly.

If you have any questions, please feel to contact any staff member via Discord or PM.
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