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Harmon Cabot

Harmon Cabot

DAO/DA2 Timeline
Name: Harmon Cabot

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 3 Justinian, 5 Dragon

Occupation: Apostate/Apothecary

Companion(s): June Beaumont - originally Harmon's escort in the Circle, now an ex-Templar guarding him in the open world

Harmon stands at just two inches shy of six feet, but after years spent leaning on his staff or over books his bent stature and poor posture doesn’t help him look any taller. His skin is on the paler side - even after traveling the Free Marches the sun hasn’t done much to add any color. His eyes are a dark shade of brown, though, and his brunette hair is cut short and layered atop his head.

While he was always most comfortable in Circle robes, Harmon has taken a liking to loose trousers and boots that are just a size too big for him. The only piece of clothing that seems even remotely fitted to him correctly are his weskits. He only owns a spare few, and it took plenty of convincing from June for him to go with dull and inconspicuous shades of red or green instead of the outlandish blues and purples he’d asked for on multiple occasions.

The one item he always, always wears no matter the weather is a scarf. While he lived in Ansburg, he had acquired quite the collection from friends he’d made in the Circle over the years. When he left, he was only able to take one, so he’d wrapped the old red wool scarf Amelia had made for him around his neck and set off. He plans on beginning a new collection once he’s settled into Kirkwall.

Class: Mage

Specialization: Spirit Healer (Expert)

Weapons & Armor: Harmon carries a simple, undecorated steel staff - the plainest and shortest one June could find for him before they left Ansburg. His robes were left behind in Ansburg, and while June acquired a new set for him for protection, neither have found a good time for him to don it yet.

Languages: Common (both), Orlesian (Spoken, Novice)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Healing, Alchemy
Expert: Arcane Lore, Research, Natural Lore
Intermediate: Writing, Poison Lore, Historical Lore (Free Marches), Calligraphy
Novice: Tailoring, Linguistics, Dancing, Artistry

Combat Skills:

Master: Mass Rejuvenation
Expert: Lifeward, Cleansing Aura, Regeneration, Arcane Lance, Staves
Intermediate: Revival, Vitality, Rejuvenate
Novice: Group Heal, Flashfire, Spell Wisp, Heal

Armor Proficiency: Light

Despite his somewhat grim circumstances, Harmon is a beacon of positivity. He tries his best to find the silver lining in every situation no matter how bad things get, and he is rarely without at least a hint of a smile on his face. When things get too difficult for him to manage, he will hide himself away as best he can so he can allow himself to feel upset, perhaps even lose his temper or just let out whatever is bothering him. Losing people - whether it be from Tranquility or death - is his biggest weakness, and, despite his positive demeanor, grief is the one emotion he has the most trouble handling.

Harmon tries to see the best in people. Even if they appear rotten to their core, he is adamant about finding something, anything that is good in them. This makes him not only naive, but also extremely easy to betray. He is especially poor at picking up on when people are lying to him. When dealing with matters related to the Fade, he is a lot more vigilant - he has no illusions about how much one bad choice can cost him there.

When it comes to decision-making, the more black-and-white the situation is, the easier it will be for Harmon to figure things out. Once a situation starts moving into a morally ambiguous area, Harmon can grow hesitant. If it gets to be too much, he will outright refuse to make a decision and go so far as abandoning the situation altogether. He is most definitely not an “ends justify the means” kind of person no matter how good the “ends” are.

Ever since Harmon was little, he always wanted to help people. He has a knack for figuring out what is ailing a person whether it be physical or mental and he tries to do whatever he can to fix it. Whether it be coming up with a bad pun or dressing a wound, all he wants to do is help. He’s not above pranking guards just to make some of the younger mages smile. Harmon’s persistence in wanting to help can make him come across as a little overbearing or nosy sometimes, though. It can be difficult for him to tell when he should just leave someone alone.

Born in Ansburg, Harmon was the child of a city guard and an apothecary. His parents, although busy with their respective jobs, doted on him and his older half-sister, Elaina, as much as they could. If it wasn’t for Elaina’s jealous and cruel tendencies, they would have been a perfectly loving family. Unfortunately, Elaina was the kind of sister that would do anything to get her brother in trouble whenever she felt like he was getting more attention than her. This meant anything from stealing supplies from their mother’s shop and hiding it under Harmon’s bed to making messes and blaming it on the boy. Their parents tried their best to figure out the truth behind these instances, but sometimes even they would be tricked by Elaina and end up punishing Harmon because of her lies.

Even so, Harmon’s mother was incredibly kind and caring - she was undoubtedly the source of Harmon’s positive personality. When Harmon was five years-old, she started allowing him to help out in her shop. She took the time to teach him as much as she could about herbalism and treating ailments, and Harmon enthusiastically enjoyed every lesson. Even at such a young age he was already aspiring to take over his mother’s shop when he got older.

This dream came to an end when he accidentally started lighting some of the dried herbs he was handling on fire. The first few instances were small enough for him to hide from his mother, but one incident was bad enough that he ended up setting half the supplies on fire. He was nine years-old at the time, and he was utterly terrified of what he had done. Instead of growing angry at him, though, his mother gave him the most important advice of his life: he had the choice to find a positive in a situation. In this case, his mother now had a reason to get newer and better supplies for the shop.

The advice didn’t help much when the Templars came to take Harmon away the next day. Elaina had reported him as soon as she had learned what had happened, and she was the only one that appeared happy to see him being taken away. Right before he left, his mother gave him her leather bracelet so that he would always remember them. Harmon has never seen his family ever since.

For the first few months in the Gallows, Harmon was bitter. He was isolated from everyone he knew and terrified of his newfound abilities. Oftentimes he would have nightmares about accidentally setting fire to important things in his life. When an elderly spirit healer took the boy under his wing, he started returning to his more upbeat personality. The old mage, Barrett, was a man of few words, but as a spirit healer Harmon was fascinated by what the man could accomplish with his powers. His dreams of becoming an apothecary were soon replaced by dreams of becoming a spirit healer and helping other people.

After a few years in the Circle at Ansburg, Harmon started helping out with the newer mages that were brought in. When he wasn’t studying with Barrett, he would usually find some of the newer mages and talk with them, perhaps cheer them up if they were upset or just listen to whatever they felt like they needed to say. He even started falling in love with a mage apprentice around his age named Amelia. She lacked any real talent and was extremely fretful about living in the Circle, but Harmon’s optimism was contagious enough to make her feel a little happy despite their circumstances.

At age nineteen, Harmon was brought in for his Harrowing. He passed, a result that surprised no one. Amelia hadn’t had her Harrowing yet, but she was overjoyed that Harmon had passed his, especially since she had secretly made a scarf for him to congratulate him. The boy knew it wouldn’t be long before she was brought in for her Harrowing, but he wasn’t expecting it to happen less than a month after his. It was obvious that she wasn’t going to make it, but Harmon had been optimistic about her chances up until the the moment she was taken for the test. Even she was starting to believe in herself a little, so much so that she underwent the test instead of choosing to become Tranquil like she had planned. In the end, she failed.

When Harmon was given the news of Amelia’s failure, he lost it. It was one of the rare times when his fellow mages saw him without his usual bubbly demeanor. He went quiet, refused to speak for days and spent his time tucked away in a corner of the library with the scarf she had made for him. He still views the Harrowing with trepidation and tries to avoid speaking about it as much as possible.

After this, Harmon threw himself into his studies in order to become a spirit healer. For years he struggled to maintain the discipline required to find a spirit partner. Barrett passed away from an illness while Harmon was still trying to progress through his studies, but, after spending some time grieving, the young man remained determined to meet his goals. He had a few close calls, but the spirits that seemed the most intrigued by him were spirits of compassion. He never really grew attached to these spirits - all the kindness he felt with them was missing something, some kind of spark. It took six years of him patiently calling out in the Fade until a Spirit of Hope finally took notice of his gentle persistence. He was twenty-five years old when he became a true spirit healer.

Harmon spent the next few years in the Circle improving and honing his abilities. He was assigned a Templar escort to guard him, and while he was aware of the Templars’ apprehension about his abilities, he welcomed his new guardian, June Beaumont, like a good friend. The woman was around his age, talented and well-liked by her superiors. Originally a trained in the Spire, she had been sent to Ansburg due to some obstructive and distracting family problems back in Val Royeaux. At least, that’s what she would tell Harmon whenever he asked.

Not too far into 35 Dragon, June took Harmon aside one night. At first he simply thought she wanted to talk, but when she handed him a pack full of supplies and rations he grew confused. By that point, though, Harmon trusted her with everything. She was, after all, his guardian. Who was he to argue? As they made their way into the tunnels beneath Ansburg, June finally began to explain where she was taking him.

At first Harmon was confused. He saw no reason for him to leave the safety of the Circle, but whatever June was afraid of she refused to tell him. Instead, she leaned on the positives of leaving. It was the best card to play on him, and soon her words left him thinking of all the people he could actually aid without the leash of the Circle holding him back. Any initial hesitation was soon lost, and Harmon was ready to follow June just about anywhere.

June never once told Harmon of what happened to the Circle at Ansburg after they left. Any whispers of annulment were met with deft distraction so that Harmon would have as little chance as possible of finding out exactly why she’d been so desperate to get him out of there. Harmon himself had little time to think of it all in the first place for his attention was far more focused on June. He’d always known her as the staunch and serious Templar in Ansburg, but beyond its walls he couldn’t figure out who the real June Beaumont was. To him, she was the perfect actress: slipping into the roles of sweet-talking good girl, hapless maiden, back-alley boss, even on occasion doting wife. She seemed to have a mask ready for every situation, and Harmon couldn’t help but wonder if his Templar June had been a mask, too.

After a few months in Marksburg, June suddenly decided they needed to go to Kirkwall. It was dangerous - both traveling and living in the city itself - but she was convinced it was the place that Harmon could do the most good. Not one to turn down such an offer, Harmon heartily agreed. As they now head towards a new life in Kirkwall to finally settle down, Harmon often stays up at night wondering about the same two things: just who is the real June Beaumont, and what really happened in Ansburg? Answers, he hopes, will be forthcoming soon enough.
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