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Highever Restored [Plot Setting]

Fergus Cousland

Teyrn of Highever
Staff member
Canon Character
DAO/DA2 Timeline
The Highever Restoration project years ago was a moderate success. Even with the bumps along the road with riots, Highever is a thriving community today. There are many opportunities for new players and old to find plots worth their while in the Highever area.

Highever Restored

Cultural Idealism

Teyrn Fergus Cousland has opened a lot of doors that other nobility in Ferelden disagree with. One of those is trying to elevate the elves of Ferelden into equal standing with the rest. Incentives have been offered craftsman and tradesman to take on apprentices of elven descent if they are human, and human if they are elven descent, as well as incentives for merchants from the alienage to set up stalls in the main city market.

The alienage wall still stands, but more as a way of protecting the culture inside of it. One wall is heavily damaged still and the elves have not demanded its repair as of yet. Through funding from the Teyrn, the inside of the alienage is being renovated to provide better shelters and improving the quality of life of the elves who choose to live there. This has been met with some resistance, but most fears have been alleviated by Hahren Siofra.

Despite the community thriving, there is a food shortage still going on. One third of the farms surrounding Highever are still unusable due to Blighted land. Due to this, craftsman and tradesmen have been encouraged to try and innovate so they will have specialized items to offer the surrounding areas in trade. Inventors and other visionaries have been offered incentives to come to Highever to bolster manufacturing and possibly help expedite the restoration of damaged farmland. Meat is the main staple in Highever, as it is more abundant than grain at this time.

New homes and centers of business have opened just outside the south wall. At the rate of expansion, it has yet to be decided whether to surround this area with a new wall, and renovate the old wall to include a way into the city. With this expansion, the crime rate has also risen. Even though the Teyrn and his administrators have tried their best to quell such things, in the poorer sections of Highever smugglers and thieves thrive.

Trade envoys have been sent out to Orzammar, the Free Marches, and Nevarra in an attempt to find markets for Highever goods and good the local craftsmen may need for manufacturing. The Teyrn sees these envoys as essential in the continued growth of Highever, and he has sent more than one to each area.

Castle Cousland

The death of Teyrn Cousland's wife hit him hard, though he tried to move on with Breanna Guerrin, that courtship ended in August. Many speculate that if it weren’t for his young daughter, that he would have spiraled into a depression that would have made him inept as a ruler.

Though the position of Knight-Captain is currently being filled by Ser Cavagh, he is finding the work wearing thin on him. The knights of Highever now include elves among their ranks, again a controversial decision on the Teyrn’s part. Many believe he was strongly influenced by his now deceased elven wife, and that perhaps without her around some of these decisions may be reversed in the future.

Settling into his role as Guard-Captain, @Ferren Bairston has tried to make the most of a relatively small selection of guards who are unquestionably loyal to the Teyrn. Humans and elves are both included amongst the ranks of the City Guard, though the elven presence is still rather small. Currently the Guard is still in a heavy recruitment phase, especially with need for more people stationed at or patroling beyond the south wall.

Almaric and his daughter, Anais, were investigating the death of the Teyrn’s wife. Fergus provided their leads to Linette Botten who went to Denerim to follow up. Officially labeled as a quick moving illness, the lack of anyone else in the castle growing ill and the swiftness of her death has the Teyrn and his closest confidants convinced it was poison. Any servant who was hired less than three months prior was questioned and then released from service. Through Almaric’s network, these individuals are being kept under watch.

There are some very vocal opponents of the Teyrn’s inclusionary policies among the nobles, but both the Teyrn and his seneschal believe these vocal nobles are nothing compared to those who disagree with him silently. There has been resistance from the Chantry as well, considering it ill advised to allow elves to freely mingle in the city. While many of the elves believe in the Maker, some cling to the old elven gods. The Chantry worries this will turn their flock away from the Maker.

Condensed Points:

  • Elves and Humans encouraged to mingle and treat each other as equals
  • Incentives given to tradesmen and craftsmen for taking on apprentices. Human taking on elven apprentices and elves taking on human apprentices.
  • Elves in the City Guard and as Knights
  • Envoys sent to different locations: Orzammar, Nevarra, and the Free Marches.
  • Elves encouraged to sell their wares in the main market.
  • Alienage renovations
  • Chantry and bannorn tensions over the elevation of elves into positions of status.
  • Grain and vegetable food shortage
  • Searching for inventors and innovators to help with trade manufacturing and increasing productivity in the farmland surrounding Highever.
  • Crime rate unfortunately high, smugglers and thieves appreciate the city being on the sea.
  • The city has expanded beyond the walls.
  • The serving staff that was hired within the last three months prior to Lene's death at Castle Cousland have all been released from service.