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Like the title says, this post is intended to give a timeline of key events in the Inquisition to Post-Trespasser period, along with listing existing threads in the timeline in rough order to help with planning. It's going to take me some time to complete, & I'll try to keep it updated as threads go up and dates are decided on, but if you have a question about an event that hasn't been listed, let me know & I'll figure it out. The timeline for the DAO/DA2 period can be found here.

Pre-Inquisition 9:37 Dragon to mid-Haring 9:41 Dragon

Encompasses events from just after the explosion in Kirkwall to just before the Conclave in Haven

A King's Fate, A Son's Choice - Alistair/Constance - Alistair receives news that Maric may still be alive
A Life Most Ordinary And Wonderful - Alistair/Nicolette - Alistair confides the story of his adventures to Nico

Late Haring 9:41 Dragon

Divine Justinia, Leliana, Josephine & various Chantry officials arrive in Haven to prepare for the Conclave

Early Wintermarch 9:41 Dragon

A massive explosion kills Divine Justinia and everyone else at the Conclave, with the exception of Valo-Kas mercenary Sati Adaar

The End of The World As We Know It - Cauthrien/Sofia - Just outside of Denerim at the time of the explosion, Cauthrien and Sofia encounter their first rift
Here Without You - Celeste - Searching for Nicolette
The Chase Is On - Nicolette - Searching for Celeste
Through Thick And Thin - Cauthrien/Sofia - While recovering from the fight with the demons, Cauthrien & Sofia discover something new between them
New Circus, Same Clowns - Varric/Cullen - Just a little chat while waiting for Sati to wake up
Reflections - Solo - Sati Adaar ponders the sudden changes in her life
Truth Is Weirder Than Fiction - Varric/Sati - The Inquisition's resident bullshitter chats it up with the Herald
Feeding The Masses - Sati/Vandi - Just a little hunting expedition with the Herald. No idea why people are so upset
Wardens Gone Walkabout - Sati/Siali/Cauthrien/Josephine/Cullen - The Fereldan Grey Wardens meet the Inquisition
Beauty And The Beast - Sati/Josie - Sati and Josephine discuss the Inquisition
An Offering of Hope - Sati/Josie - Josephine brings Sati a letter
The Strength of the Wolf Is The Pack - Krem/Vandi - A discovery at the wolves' den
Mal De Mer - Sati/Celeste - the Herald books passage to Orlais

Early Drakonis 9:41 Dragon

The events of In Hushed Whispers at Redcliffe

The Last Line of Defense - Teagan/Kiley - Alexius takes over Redcliffe
The Only Good 'Vint Is A Dead 'Vint. Change My Mind - Alistair/Dorian - A very grouchy King wants some answers
Nobody Expects the Dalish Inquisition -Varric/Vamaya - A Dalish scout arrives at Haven
Scout And About - Mara/Vandi - Investigating Redcliffe after Alexius' defeat
O Brothers Where Art Thou? - Mara/Sati/Vandi - Searching for the missing Redcliffe Grey Wardens

Late Cloudreach 9:41 Dragon

The events of In Your Heart Shall Burn in Haven

The Dawn Will Come - Josephine/Sati - After the destruction of Haven, Sati catches up with the Inquisition in the mountains
Walk The Prank - Isabela/Celeste - One fake pirate raid & one real one

Mid-Bloomingtide 9:41 Dragon

The Inquisition finds Skyhold

When Nugs Fly - Krem/Sati - Just a friendly game of darts after the Chargers get back from scouting Haven
New Beginnings - Cullen/Bernie - The new tavern keeper arrives at Skyhold
Indomitable - Sati/Teagan - the Arl of Redcliffe visits Skyhold
I've Been Working My Way Back To You - Celeste/Nicolette - Happy reunions and getting run out of town
When You're Good To Maman - Celeste/Nicolette - Explaining things to Nico's mother

Solace 9:41 Dragon

The events of Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts at the Winter Palace in Orlais

Dancing In The Moonlight - Josephine/Sati - Stealing a little private time at the Winter Palace
Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune - Josephine/Sati - Assassins threaten the ambassador, the Inquisitor gets grumpy

Late August 9:41 Dragon

The events of Here Lies The Abyss in Crestwood, the Western Approach, Adamant & the Fade

Harvestmere/Firstfall 9:41 Dragon

Blessed Are They Who Stand - The Seige of Kirkwall

Wintermarch 9:42 Dragon

The events of What Pride Had Wrought

Guardian 9:42 Dragon

The events of The Final Piece & Doom Upon All The World - Corypheus is defeated

Late Cloudreach 9:44 Dragon

The events of Trespasser

Who's Afraid of the Bald Dread Wolf - Sati/Varric - planning a little one-handed Egg cracking
Wouldn't You Give A Hand To A Friend? - Sati/Varric - The Inquisition presents a gift to its leader
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