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Name: Isabela

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1st August, 9:04 Dragon

Occupation: Captain! And also card shark, smuggler, entirely legitimate businesswoman.

Companion(s): N/A

Isabela’s hair is black-brown and shoulder length. It usually has a soft curl on its own and a tendency to frizz when it’s humid, so it’s usually bound back with a bandana. Her eyes are light brown, verging on amber, with very faint crow’s feet at the corners.

She is brown-skinned with a faint spattering of freckles across her shoulders and nose. She has a notable number of scars, although none especially deep or messy. Isabela is curvy and strong, and knows it, displaying a lazy confidence in how she carries herself. In the Rivaini tradition, Isabela has taken on the typical adornments of a captain with a few twists of her own; gold arm jewellery around her biceps, a labret piercing in her lower lip, a single piercing with a gold disc on each lobe, a pierced navel, and a couple she’ll only show people she really likes.

Class: Rogue

Specialization: Duelist

Weapons & Armor: Isabela is rarely seen without her high boots, chemise and coloured sash and bandana, giving her the practical benefit of absolutely unhindered movement in battle and the impractical one of adding as much colour to her outfit as possible. For armour, she only wears a pauldron on her left shoulder to compensate for a slight weakness on that arm, as well as defending from blows coming in at an awkward angle. Her golden collar, while ostensibly for decoration, also doubles as a gorget.


Rivaini (both)

Orlesian (both)

Common (both)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Legerdemain, Seamanship, Ambidextrous

Expert: Bargaining, , Coercion, Drinking, , Contacts, Navigation

Intermediate: Stealth, Lockpicking, Cartography, Climbing

Novice: Dancing, Historical Lore, Riding

Combat Skills:

Medium Armour

Master: Dual Weapons, Duelist, Disarm, Vendetta

Expert: Pinpoint Strike, Evasive Maneuvers

Intermediate: Unarmed, Riposte, Cutting Barbs

Novice: Dueling Form, Upsets Balance

Isabela loves coin, sex, coin, rum, coin, and sailing (not necessarily in that order). She’s fiercely independent and is not the most reliable of friends, usually willing to turn a situation to her advantage by any means, although she will show some remorse on occasion. She is driven by the need to regain a ship and her freedom, as well as to find the Tome of Koslun, which will end her problems with Castillion or net her enough money to help her get away from Kirkwall and the qunari for good. She cheats at every opportunity, especially if there’s money involved, and will kill without compunction to preserve her own skin.

Isabela is also intelligent, more than most people usually give her credit for. She has an eye for a target and is a practiced tactician, quick to spot the moves of an enemy and counter it while having her next four moves already lined up. While open for a roll around with anybody who entertains her, Isabela especially likes people who can match her in wits.

Having never been an innocent, she has a soft spot for people who obviously are. She’s charmed by those who have no guile to do the charming themselves, and enjoys teasing those who manage to stick around long enough to earn the title of ‘friend’. She does care for her friends, and prefers not to kill if she can talk her way out of a problem instead. Mages don’t especially bother her, but she’s keeping out of that whole debate. She lies freely about her past, changing her story every time. She doesn’t want anybody knowing where she really came from, and prefers not to reflect on her past.

Isabela was born in Rivain, under the birth name of Naishe. She never knew her father and her mother, Madame Hari, was a con woman who posed as a shaman in the small village of Qurqas near Ayesleigh. Madame Hari frequently took her daughter with her when she travelled to carry out schemes in other places, and Naishe showed a natural talent for parting people from her money. Right from the start she loved to roam with her mother, and entertained no thoughts that what she was doing might be wrong. Their targets were frequently the rich, and the cons played out as a game that delighted the young Naishe.

However, just as Naishe was old enough to begin thinking of striking out alone, Madame Hari lost her taste for a life of dishonesty and turned to the Qun for meaning, attempting to force her daughter to do so as well. A public argument on the subject drew the attention of a visiting Antivan, Luis, who took a shine to Naishe. He approached Madame Hari with an offer for her daughter, which she accepted. For not accepting the Qun, Naishe was sold to Luis and three weeks later was married to him.

If it hadn’t been for the pain of being betrayed by her mother, Naishe might have enjoyed the life more. Luis was wealthy and bought her many fine clothes, jewellery, and saw her well kept, but it was immediately obvious that he had purchased her as an ornament as much as a wife; he provided lessons in languages and etiquette for her, ensuring that she could not embarrass him at any social events with sub-par conversational skills or behaviour, and all jewellery brought for her was as decoration that pleased him, not her. After a few months of having her attempts to assert her own will squashed at every turn, Naishe began to act out publicly, and snuck out of the estate on several occasions to go have fun in the city. During one such occasion she met, and subsequently had an affair with, Zevran. Luis was angered by this, and not long after, Naishe found his journal detailing his plans to get rid of her. A week later, Luis was murdered in his bed by Zevran (Isabela maintains this is a coincidence) and Naishe fled the house with a pair of daggers and enough gold to commandeer Luis’ ship, the Siren’s Call.

She stayed long enough to begin learning the very basics of seamanship. However, the sailors abandoned her at Llomerryn. A young woman and inexperienced at combat, Naishe put her innate talent to the test to force a local famed duelist to help her assemble a new vessel and crew plus captain. She won, and for a while was happy to study under the more experienced captain, as well as from the other sailors. The captain gave her the moniker of Isabela, which she adopted permanently. She learned how to look out for land, to navigate and steer, how to perform quick maintenance aboard ship, served turns in the galley, ran the ratlines and how to move quickly around the ship in a storm. The time she spent with the crew served her well after an argument with the captain, in which she duelled him for control of the ship and took the mantle of captain for herself, supported by the sailors who had seen how dedicated she was to mastering every skill necessary to run the vessel. After a few months she regained the Siren’s Call for herself, handing control of the Lion’s Roar over to her second-in-command at the time. For the next ten years, she sharpened her skills and developed a reputation as a raider, eventually earning the moniker Queen of the Eastern Seas. She has done some very unsavoury things in the course of this time, which she tries to forget when she can.

Isabela’s recent troubles began after being contracted by the raider Castillion to act as escort for a cargo ship heading to Tevinter. Defying explicit instructions not to look below decks, Isabela quickly discovered that the ‘cargo’ consisted of Blight refugees who had been tricked and were being shipped as slaves. Disgusted, she freed them and earned Castillion’s ire. Not being in a strong enough position to challenge Castillion openly, Isabela was required to pay her debts by stealing the qunari Tome of Koslun.

The Siren’s Call finally met its end after Isabela stole the tome from a qunari war camp, and the ship was subsequently sunk off the shores of Kirkwall by a storm while on the run from a dreadnought. Isabela was one of very few to survive the wreck, crawling to shore with nothing but the clothes she was wearing, her daggers and a little gold she’d been able to salvage. The book was lost during the shipwreck.

She quickly established herself at the Hanged Man, walking in still dripping from the wreck and immediately breaking a man’s hand for wandering. Using the coin she had, she took a room and started to make enquiries. Small jobs were available that would keep her afloat, but from the beginning she has been focused on reclaiming the Tome of Koslun, as the price she could get for that would buy her one of the best ships available and a crew for it as well, or at the very least get Castillion off her back.

Since her arrival, she has met and worked with the Hawke family, and a number of other notable Kirkwall residents to earn some extra coin. She can’t – or won’t – leave Kirkwall without a ship, so she maintains her residence at the Hanged Man for now, and chases down leads for the book wherever she can.
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