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Ivan Ambrose


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Name: Ivan Ambrose

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 20 Cloudreach

Age: 29

Occupation: A highwayman in Fereldan

Companions: Gabriel works with two people he met in his late adolescence.

Physical Description:
Height: 6'2"
Build: Gabriel has a muscular build. By that I mean he has noticeable muscles, but he isn't really buff.
Weight: 217 lbs
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde, shoulder length on top with the sides and back shaved
Scars: Ivan has a slightly faded scar across his left cheek

Class: Warrior

Weapons and Armor:

Ivan wears pieces of plate armor from various bodies that he has looted. The most distinct piece he wears is the breast plate of a templar that he has killed. The armor is draped with animal pelts that he put on himself.

His weapon is a basic steel greatsword, he switches his weapon often due to weapons running dull or breaking.

Non Combat Skills: Ivan is an amazing artist, he often draws in his free time. He is exceptional when it comes to setting traps and being able to point out when there are traps nearby.

Combat Skills: Ivan uses two handed weapons in combat, and can also hold his own in hand to hand combat. He has no formal training so he could be better, but for what he is, he's pretty good.

Personality: Ivan is brash, he rarely shows respect to anyone, and has a deep hatred for people of nobility or of a high social standing. Ivan also has problem with killing people who aren't cooperative.

However, he is incredibly kind to children and the poor. He's no robin hood, but if he can tell that a caravan has a lot of poor refugees, he won't attack it. (Unless he's desperate for money or supplies) I


Ivan was born on a small farm in northern Fereldan. He had no siblings, a mother and a father. They didn't have much land, but they had enough to scrape by every year. Then the blight came when he was only eight, the nobles had greatly raised taxes to help fund the military efforts against the darkspawn hordes. His family wouldn't be able to survive with what little money they had left and were often starving due to the nobles also forcing them to give their crops away to feed soldiers.

His father was forced to borrow money from a crime lord just to provide. And when he wasn't able to pay, he had Ivans parents killed, and took him as an indentured servant until he was able to pay off his father's debt. He had him doing menial labor with his other servants until Ivan was a teenager, then he handed him a sword and sent him out on bandit raids with the others under his employ.

At the age of twenty three, the crime lord finally let him free, he had made a couple of allies in his time there, two of them. He was able to convince them to come with him.

Ivan hadn't really known how to do anything other than terrorize others, so he just stayed a bandit, but under no ones lead, he and his two friends had made their own group of just the three of them, and knock off caravans and travelers South of Redcliffe.

I'm pretty sure I did this right.