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Kirkwall Coterie Plot Redux

Aveline Vallen

Guard Captain of Kirkwall
Canon Character
DAO/DA2 Timeline
Hey guys!

We wanted to check and see if anyone would want to be involved in helping us wrap this plot up. We originally had 4 stages planned, and had just started stage 3, where one of Aveline’s undercover guardsmen was tortured and almost killed. There is room for some of the Stage 2 stuff to still happen, which includes finding contraband and connections through that contraband to the Coterie members Aveline and Edwin are investigating.

We’re currently working on editing that timeline since we lost some of the characters involved, and want to give you guys an opportunity to join in if you haven’t already, or make your part in it bigger.

While we haven’t moved all the important threads for this plot yet, some have been. This includes What’s in a Name? With @Varric Tethras, @Aveline Vallen, and @Edwin Thatcher and Walking A-Boat with @Joscelyn Hawke and @Merrill.

If you were involved previously, or didn’t have a chance to join in before and would be interested, please either give us a comment here, or PM me or @Edwin Thatcher your desire to join in. Once we have an idea of who wants to be further involved, we’ll adjust the plot outline dependant on players.