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Canon Character
Post DAI Timeline

Name: Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 23 Drakonis, 9:15

Occupation: Captain of the Chargers

Companion(s): N/A

Krem is tall, standing 5’11’’ with the toned build of someone who has spent much of his life training intensively. The refined, almost delicate features of his face are offset by a nose that has been broken at least twice--though Krem maintains it’s been as many as four times, and once unintentionally by the Chief.

His brown hair is kept in a soldier’s cut, with the sides shaved in a close fade, and his face is clean, shaved every morning with a razor that is very dear to him. His pale skin bears the marks of a warrior, with a number of scars littering his body, and new bruises popping up nearly every day. Hazard of the job, he supposes.

When not dressed in armor, Krem wears clothing that has been altered and mended by his own hand. He takes great care with his attire, never allowing it to go threadbare. And while his style would never be described as Orlesian, he has taken to lighter colors that bring out the nuance in his grey eyes.

Class: Warrior

Specialization: N/A

Weapons & Armor: Krem doesn’t profess loyalty to any one weapon or fighting style. Initially trained in the Tevinter army to use swords and spears, he branched out after becoming a mercenary and explored a variety of weapon styles, learning from those around him.

That said, even the strongest warrior can’t have every weapon at his beck and call at all times, and if Krem is forced into choosing he typically wields a longsword of Tevinter make and a battle axe that has a supposedly storied history that grows with each retelling.

Bull has likened him to a peacock when it comes to his armor, which is a step up from the typical nicknames he’s received from the Chief. Outsiders might believe he has a new set for every occasion, but Krem and the Chargers know it to be a bit of tailor’s trickery. Leather and plate are well-oiled, trim is redone when it begins to deteriorate, and the padded shirt and trousers underneath are distinct enough to make the whole thing look new. In reality, Krem “only” has five or so unique chestplates.

Languages: Common (fluent written and spoken), Tevene (fluent written and spoken), Qunlat (enough to mouth off)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Leadership
Expert: Military Lore (Tevinter), Stamina, Might
Intermediate: Coercion, Cooking, Drinking, Gambling, Evaluation, Crafting (Sewing)
Novice: Hunting, Fishing

Combat Skills:

Master: Single Weapon (Sword)
Expert: Two-Handed Weapons (Axe), Weapon & Shield
Intermediate: Single Weapon (Dagger), Two-Handed Weapons (Maul)
Novice: Polearms (Spear)

Krem is determined and resilient, always managing to find his way back to his feet regardless of what life throws at him.

If the military taught him to be disciplined, resourceful, decisive, Krem’s time as a mercenary--and his friendship with the Iron Bull--spoke to the strong sense of loyalty in him, as well as the desire to find a place where he’s accepted for who he is.

While he’s outwardly tough, Krem has a kind and gentle heart. He can be sensitive and caring, but learned to adopt a thick skin to survive in the army, and that skin has only grown thicker over the years.

Despite that, Krem is a fairly open individual, though much more so in the company of friends and over a good quantity of mead. He deflects with dry humor, a trait he picked up in his early years with the Chargers, and generally has an optimistic outlook while still preparing for a negative outcome.

In the deeply stratified existence that is the Tevinter Imperium’s social hierarchy, Krem’s family--members of the soporati; the non-magical commoners--were separated from the slave class by a very slight and vulnerable financial barrier. Krem’s father worked tirelessly as a tailor to provide for his wife and child, but they were barely making ends meet. Despite this, Krem regards his childhood with fondness. Though he bonded more closely with his father, his mother wasn’t unkind--just worried for her family’s future.

As it turned out, she had cause to be, With more and more refugees pouring into Minrathous, the Magisters were forced to take action. While Krem’s father had a steady--if not especially lucrative--business providing clothing for them, that all came to a halt when a well-meaning Magister did the same for far less cost, thanks to his slaves. With Krem already having refused to marry someone of status on his mother’s urging, his father was forced to sell himself into slavery to provide for his family.

Krem’s guilt over that event was substantial, and it was part of the reason he enlisted in the army soon after, hoping to ease some of the burden from his father’s shoulders. Though Krem identified and lived as male from a young age, the Tevinter army would not have respected his gender, sorting him instead by sex and drastically limiting his potential to build a career in earnest.

His decision to conceal his assigned gender was not made lightly, but for several years he managed to serve without incident until a new healer exposed him. Faced with the “choice” of slavery or execution as punishment for his crimes, Krem ran. He made it as far as the border before he was tracked down by a tribune and attacked for deserting.

This is where he met his future boss, his best friend, and the bane of his previously pun-free existence--the Iron Bull, a qunari who put himself between Krem and a tribunal’s flail. The qunari lost an eye in the ensuing fight, but gained a lifelong ally after offering Krem a job.

Serving as a mercenary in Bull’s company, the Chargers, he eventually rose to the rank of Captain, becoming the Iron Bull’s right hand man and often leading them in his stead. The Chargers were his family, ragtag bunch that they were, and he never felt more at ease than when he was with them.

After the sky started opening up, Krem convinced Bull to offer the Chargers to aid the Inquisition. With the Iron Bull working at the Inquisitor’s side, Krem led many of the Chargers’ missions across Ferelden and Orlais, culminating in an ill-fated attempt to secure an alliance with the Ben-Hassrath that very nearly cost him and the Chargers their lives, if not for timely intervention on Inquisitor Sati’s part.

Though loyalty to the Iron Bull and the Chargers has kept him from suggesting they dissolve their merry band of misfits and just fall in under the Inquisitor’s banner, he is always ready and willing to lead on their behalf.

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