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Long Time No See [Closed]

Linette Botten

Ferren's Keeper
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Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline
((OOC: Firstfall 17, 9:35, Evening - Falon Varos))

New opportunities could be both thrilling and fucking terrifying. Linette found herself fluttering from one extreme to the next after returning to Denerim. She had a new job to start performing; something with far more responsibility than she ever had put on her like…ever. Leliana trusted her. The King presumably trusted her. And now she needed to not fuck it up.

She figured there would be mess ups. That was just destined to happen. She wasn’t perfect. Lin just had to hope that when she fouled shit up, she didn’t so in a spectacular manner. The stakes were high and all that. Not that they never were when she worked for Fergus. Working for a Teyrn was a pretty big deal. Certainly was a position she never aspired to when she was living on the streets as a young(er) girl.

Working for Fergus never really felt like working for a Teyrn though. He was just Fergus. Fergus, the man that saw something in her all those years ago. Fergus, a man she considered part of her family. Fergus, the Marcus to Ferren’s Darren.

The same could not be same for King Alistair Theirin. He was the all-caps KING of Ferelden. Sure, he’d seen her tits and she’d helped herself to a nice cup of his ass in a total respectful I thought you were James not Alistair kind of way. A little flash of skin did not family make them. It was time to lady up and be a pro-fucking-essional.

Upon returning to Denerim from Highever, Linette went about doing just that - her job. Alistair had hired her upon Leliana’s recommendation to help him set up his own information network. The Queen certainly had one he could tap but there was something to be said for having your own.

Networks meant people and Linette needed to go about finding some. She already had Highever covered. All her time there had built quite the list of contacts in the area for her. She even had a good number of people in Denerim to reach out to if necessary. Well, all parts of Denerim save one - the Alienage. For that she was going to need to reach into the past.

She’d heard an elf she knew from her time hiding in the Alienage during the Siege of Denerim was known to ply his trade in the market district on a corner near the Gnawed Noble Tavern. She heard him long before she saw him, the sounds of his music filling the gaps within the din of the street noise.

It had been many years since Linette had seen Falon. Would he recognize her? Not like there were a ton of shems that hid out in the Alienage. She had that going for her at least. Hands in her pockets, she approached him, pushing through the crowd of people circling him as they listened to him min-his-strel.