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Martial Flaw (v. 2.0) [Closed]


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The practice had proven more taking to her magical abilities than Cordelia anticipated. There had never been a need to perform such tests at the Circle, where any steps towards making mages combat-ready would be seen as too dangerous. Given everything that happened during the Blight, Cordelia was mostly inclined to agree but she could not deny the excitement she felt as she proceed with Cauthrien. Yes, there was sweat and dust and that was not to her liking. But there was also a sense of growth, the briefest flicker on the horizon which hinted at future where she was respected and in control of her abilities in a way she never might've been otherwise. Were she not a careful woman, that might lead to thoughts of grandeur. Instead, Cordelia simply let the feeling seep into her heart and sustain her further.

Cauthrien, for her part, offer compliments. “You are doing it,” she said to the affirmative, and Cordelia felt a rush of pride. “Can you block with your staff while you are casting?”

Cordelia continued with the drill, but spoke aloud in wonder. "I do not know," she admitted. "There's never been cause to make an attempt, but I suppose I could try."

At this, she awaited Cauthrien's next strike and did manage to match it. At the same time, she attempted to conjure another fire ball but lacking the complete motion of her staff it arc down after passing Cauthrien. The gout of flame slammed into the ground, causing a patch of the yard to ignite. With a gasp of shock, Cordelia quickly extradited herself from her drill with Cauthrien. Her rock armor crumbled as she ran to the fire and immediately extinguished it with a blast of ice magic.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry," she intoned nervously. "Oh Maker.. Oh! I just said "Oh Maker!" Oh, no! Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!"


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Cordelia’s control of her magic was impressive, but she had never been trained to actually fight. Evidently, the mages were expected to simply stand behind the templars and cast their spells. And if their guardians fell? It seemed that a dead mage was preferable to one without supervision and control.

Shit on that.

When the Grey Wardens fought, the mages were kept in a protected position as much as possible, but things changed quickly in the heat of battle, and they needed to be able to defend themselves physically, as well as magically, at least for brief periods.

Coredelia looked perplexed at the notion when Cauthrien suggested it. "There's never been cause to make an attempt, but I suppose I could try."

The Warden-Constable nodded and brought the next strike in a bit slower yet, giving the young mage ample opportunity to bring her staff over to block. She succeeded, but the ball of flame that she conjured in her free hand flew off at a tangent, striking the grass halfway between Cauthrien and the practice dummies and bursting into a wide swath of flame. Cordelia immediately broke away with a dismayed gasp, the stone armor falling away and dissolving into nothingness as she hurried to the flames and smothered them with a heavy layer of frost.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry," she dithered anxiously over the scorched earth. "Oh Maker.. Oh! I just said "Oh Maker!" Oh, no! Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!"

“It’s all right,” Cauthrien told her calmly, moving to stamp out a small lick of flame that had escaped the frost. “That’s what practice is for. Good job in putting it out.” Agitated or not, Cordelia had responded quickly and appropriately.

“Once more before we stop?” she suggested. Always end with a success when possible, and she knew that the fastidious mage would see this as far from successful.