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Meet The Parents


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Hi friends,

Before shifting to Thedas Timelines, I'd established a major development for Niamh's personal story that I'd like to continue here. After years of thinking her father died in the Blight, she discovered him in the Denerim Alienage. He was severely wounded in the battle for the city but survived, living among his fellow elves. Although he was left crippled and ill, they looked after him. Now that Niamh has found him, she needs to get him back to her clan. The snag is that he isn't well enough to make the journey and she still has her obligations to the Wardens.

What I'd like to do is set up a small series of threads where, after sending a message to her clan, Niamh's mother—the clan's Keeper—arrives in the city to recover her husband. Niamh left her clan in the night, against her mother's objections. This means the reunion will be tense and rife with personal drama. I want to see if folks with their character in Denerim (or even those who might travel back to the city like @Siali Arnith) would be interested in participating in these threads.

With the Orzammar excursion on the horizon, this wouldn't be happening until that event concluded. If you think you can participate, let me know. This is a chance to have my character grow but also a chance for further relationship building among some of the Wardens. I'd love to have some other players involved so chime in if you think you'd be interested.