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Nathaniel Howe - Character Timeline

Nathaniel Howe

Warden Commander of Ferelden
Canon Character
Grey Warden
Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline
31 Dragon
  • Nathaniel receives news that his father, Rendon Howe, was killed by Aedan Cousland.
  • Nathaniel spends time in Kirkwall and meets Josc Hawke.
Kingsway 31 - 32 Dragon
  • Nathaniel returns to Ferelden bent on revenge for his father's murder and is conscripted by Aedan Cousland
  • Nathaniel reunites with his sister and learns the truth about his father.
33 Dragon

Wintermarch, 33 Dragon

  • Nathaniel learns just how Aedan survived atop Fort Drakon. This causes a rift between the two friends.
  • During an outing to Amaranthine, Nathaniel has an unfortunate encounter with Ferren Bairston.
  • Nathaniel meets Fiona Costigan and begins a relationship with her.
Guardian, 33 Dragon
  • Aedan informs Nathaniel he wishes to make him both Warden-Commander and Arl of Amaranthine
  • Nathaniel learns his brother's wife, Constance, married Roderick Yorath.
Drakonis, 33 Dragon
  • Landsmeet is held.
    • Aedan Cousland officially resigns as Warden Commander and Arl of Amaranthine, naming Nathaniel Howe to the positions.
    • Nathaniel Howe appoints his mistress’ father, Bann of Amaranthine
  • Fiona shows Nathaniel a journal of his father's she found. He learns just what his father had planned for him.
  • Cauthrien MacLean shows up at Vigil's Keep and Nathaniel meets her for the first time.
  • Nathaniel introduces Fiona to his sister, Delilah
Cloudreach, 33 Dragon
  • An attempt is made on Nathaniel's life in Highever by a one eyed archer seeking revenge against the Howes. Fiona is injured.
  • Nathaniel Howe sets Fiona aside for her safety.
  • The Red Conscription occurs - all occupants of the dungeon jail in Highever are conscripted by Nathaniel Howe
  • Nathaniel recruits Cauthrien into the Grey Wardens
  • Nathaniel encourages Aedan to leave Ferelden for a time to avoid an encounter with the First Warden.
  • Fiona's brother volunteers to join the Grey Wardens. He is one of 5 that die during his Joining.
Bloomingtide, 33 Dragon
  • Nathaniel delivers the news to the Costigans that Bronn died.
  • Nathaniel and Fiona reconcile and marry in secret in a small chantry ceremony attended only by his Guard Henry and his sister, Delilah
Firstfall, 33 Dragon
  • A picture of Rendon Howe Nathaniel thought lost resurfaces. He stores the picture in the vaults beneath Vigil's Keep.
34 Dragon

Kingsway, 34 Dragon
  • Aedan returns to Ferelden. Nathaniel and Aedan have an argument and Aedan leaves once more; this time for good.
  • Nathaniel learns he has a bastard daughter, Eunice. He fathered her during his time in the Free Marches. She comes to live with him in Ferelden.
Haring, 34 Dragon
  • Fiona is murdered in Denerim.
  • Cauthrien sees to Nathaniel in his grief, getting him out of Denerim and onto a boat to Amaranthine.
35 Dragon

Wintermarch, 35 Dragon
  • Nathaniel and Anders have a fight that seems to end their friendship. Anders is banished from Amaranthine and sent to serve the wardens in Denerim.
  • Nathaniel leaves for Orlais.
Cloudreach, 35 Dragon
  • Nathaniel returns from Orlais
  • Fergus and Nathaniel add a new more physical layer to their friendship.
  • While in a drunken haze and thinking her Fiona, Nathaniel beds Breanna Guerrin and is not at all happy about it when he realizes what he has done.
  • Fiona's murderers are executed.
  • Nathaniel realizes his attraction to Cauthrien.
Bloomingtide, 35 Dragon
  • Nathaniel and the other Grey Wardens travel to Redcliffe to fight a darkspawn threat
  • Nathaniel's closest friend in the wardens, Fiagai, dies saving Nathaniel's life while on their mission in the Deep Roads.
  • Cauthrien is almost killed during the mission in the Deep Roads.
  • Nathaniel confesses his feelings to Cauthrien after they return from their mission. She tells him she needs time to think.
Justinian, 35 Dragon
  • Cauthrien gives Nathaniel her decision. She does not wish to pursue a relationship.
  • Nathaniel ends things with Fergus, not wishing to interfere with Fergus' courtship of Breanna Guerrin
  • Josc Hawke surprises Nathaniel in Highever. She informs him of a child she lost that had been his.
  • Nathaniel returns Summer Sword to Cauthrien
  • Cauthrien changes her mind and tells Nathaniel she will try a relationship with him.
  • Nathaniel Howe announces his sister, Delilah, Bann of Amaranthine
Solace, 35 Dragon
  • Things end up not working out with Cauthrien and Nathaniel, Cauthrien ending things the night of the Royal wedding.
August, 35 Dragon
  • Nathaniel travels to Weisshaupt to report to the First Warden and to visit a freshly captured Aedan.
  • Nathaniel sends Eunice to be fostered by Fergus Cousland.
Kingsway, 35 Dragon
  • Nathaniel returns to Ferelden from abroad. Still bitter about his split with Cauthrien, sends her on a recruitment mission
  • Nathaniel and Fergus resume their affair.
  • Anders appears to desert the Grey Wardens and goes abomination.
  • Nathaniel makes bad decisions and sleeps with a new warden, Mara.
  • Nathaniel runs into Velanna while out hunting. Shoots her in the ass and hauls her back to Denerim. Velanna reluctantly agrees to return to the Grey Wardens
  • Nathaniel and Velanna resume their whatever that started when they both traveled with Aedan
Harvestmere, 35 Dragon
  • Nathaniel apologizes to Cauthrien. They begin to repair their friendship.
  • Nathaniel conscripts Cordelia from the Circle Tower.
Firsfall, 35 Dragon
  • Velanna once again abandons the Grey Wardens and Nathaniel
  • Albert Price, husband of Delilah Howe, is murdered