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November Featured Thread Nominations!

The Maker

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November Featured Thread Nominations

It's time to nominate up to THREE of your favorite for the month of November! Please include the TITLE, the LINK, and the REASON for your nomination below!

Nominations close on November 26th, with Polls going up the next morning!​


Orlesian Grump Elf
DAO/DA2 Timeline
I would like to nominate Let It Snow because what a fun idea for a thread! The Dragon’s Flagon holding a free food/drink for all those who enter its doors on the first snowfall is sure to bring in some interesting characters and it hasn't disappointed! I look forward to reading this one when it pops up in my alerts!

I would also like to nominate Oops. I Did It Again because this thread has already had me laughing and why not - Alistair and Zevran combo is a winning one and i'm excited to see what trouble these two get into!

And last but not least I would like to nominate Completely Booked because these two have very different personalities yet they're getting on with one another rather well - as long as Siali doesn't swear. I've chuckled more than a few times while reading through this thread!

Nathaniel Howe

Warden Commander of Ferelden
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Grey Warden
Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline

Ferren Bairston

Guard-Captain of Highever
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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I'd like to nominate Feeding the Masses because new characters! New timeline! And a good chance to explore the early days of the Inquisition.

I'd also like to nominate Digging Deeper on behalf of Teagan Guerrin. It's recompense for being an overprotective father. Maybe. Also it amuses me.

And I'd like to nominate You're Under a Desk because as always Merrill is played beautifully and it's another chance to see Mama Bear take charge which I always enjoy for perfectly virtuous reasons.

Fergus Cousland

Teyrn of Highever
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Canon Character
DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Feeling In-Patient because I really enjoy the interaction between commander and subordinate. Niamh is eager to be better -- both her injury and as a warden -- and Nathaniel certainly shows off his supportive side.

I nominate When Nugs Fly because I am so excited to see both of these characters, and the laying down a foundation for future interaction.

I nominate Grace and the Grump because watching Elunara and Celeste work together has been a really great read, and I want them to find the boy safe.