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Quite the Audience [Group 2, Closed]

Mysaria Grivia

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Grey Warden
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DAO/DA2 Timeline
(( 15 Haring, Aerion Hunter & Siali Arnith. In conjuction with this thread: Wardens On Parade [Group 1, Closed] ))

Mysaria had never been comfortable with crowds. At least not crowds where she was at least part of the focus. Even as far back as Kinloch Hold, she had preferred keeping to herself, rather than standing out.

Despite that, she had stood out enough those many years ago when she had caught Aedan Cousland’s eye for recruitment. There were times when she felt regret, as the sacrifice had been greater than she had expected, but for the most part, she enjoyed her life now as a Grey Warden.

Aerion was just at her side as they entered the grand hall, and she smiled as he had to duck through the archway. Her attention turned to the expanse of the room then, and her nerves took hold momentarily as she saw all the eyes watching them enter. She turned her face forward, seeing King Bhelen sitting on his throne on the raised dais. Much easier to focus on one set of eyes than the multitudes.

This place was much different than the palace in Denerim, but no less grandiose. Beautiful in a different kind of way.

The Grey Wardens of Ferelden have business before the King!” The announcement rang out and she instinctively stepped a little closer to Aerion.

Cauthrien introduced herself, and added the apologies necessary for Nathaniel.

The King’s voice was much younger sounding than she had expected. She knew he was a young king, but it still caught her off guard some. Still, it had a presence and it bounced off the high walls of the room.

Assassins. Please give your commander my condolences.” She watched as his eyes moved over each of them in turn. “And your brave companions?

She spoke up first, to get it out of the wall, calming enough to not let her voice waver, “Warden Mysaria Grivia, Your Majesty.

She was not sure announcing anything else about herself was necessary really, and she gave him a respectful nod.

Siali Arnith

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Siali was determined to take this audience seriously. She’d spent most of her life being very blunt on the subject of nobility and how the whole rotten arrangement of one person having say over a lot of others needed to be torn down, but with her new position in mind, she would likely be meeting a lot more titled people soon than she’d ever done before. For all the Grey Wardens were supposed to stay out of politics, they at least had to make nice with the people who owned the land they roamed through or they might get chased out again.

So she kept a straight face when she noticed Bhelen’s crown, and quickly ran through the facts she knew about him. Although he was greeting them all in a friendly manner, both his brothers had died in mysterious circumstances not long before their father did, and apparently a lot of his opponents disappeared quickly after voicing their opinions. He was a tyrant, but a clever one, and apparently willing to piss off old, rich families by letting the casteless have a chance at a not-shit life. If she met a human version of him, she’d not ever turn her back.

Cauthrien led the official introduction, and then let each of them take turns. Mysaria was quiet but clear. Niamh was clearly overwhelmed by the ceremony of it all, and ended up speaking probably in a more straightforward way than Bhelen was accustomed to hearing. Siali wanted to reach for her hand to reassure her, but restrained herself; instead she just gave the other woman a small nod as Sofia introduced herself. She would be sure to let Niamh though that she’d liked her introduction, though.

Then it was Cordelia, then herself. “Warden-Lieutenant Siali Arnith. Your Majesty.”

Bhelen’s gaze flitted between them all, a pleasant smile on his face, but Siali had no doubt he was taking in every detail.

Aerion Hunter

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Ceremony was something he still didn’t understand. But rank was something he did. It was obvious that the person they were greeting was a person of importance. From the way the dwarves behaved, he was cleared feared, if not respected. Aerion couldn’t understand how one ruled with an iron fist without getting introduced to a fist himself, but now was not the time nor the place.

One thing he had gotten quite good at was biting his tongue. When you heard snide comments in public with frequency, it was a skill you refined. Thus, he let the ladies introduce themselves first, paying close attention to how they did so. He knew he didn’t wish to follow in Niamh’s steps. He didn’t like speaking much in public, anyway. So he mirrored what most of the others did. Stepping forward, he lowered his head politely before straightening to his full height once more. “Warden Aerion Hunter, Your Majesty.”

With that, he took a step back, standing alongside them all once more. Admittedly, he was not truly giving the king his full attention, however. He was looking over everyone else, standing guard, so to speak. For this trip, the others were in his guardianship. He would not fail them like he failed too many in his past.