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Redcliffe Forever Fealty Sings [Closed]

Hanamene Thornecroft

DAO/DA2 Timeline
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A letter accompanying a polished, wooden box of silver coin, addressed and delivered to the Arl of Redcliffe via Chantry courier.
The missive, at the time of its writing, was dated 20 Kingsway, 9:35.

Your Most Gracious Lord,

I hope this missive finds you and yours well. My name is Hanamene Thornecroft, and I am writing to you concerning my family’s tenancy in your lands.

Like so many of our countrymen, the Blight forced my family to flee Ferelden and to abandon land in what is now your Arling. The land we held for the Arling had been overrun by darkspawn at the time in question. My grandmother and grandfather did not survive, whilst the profession of my father, Ser Graeven, as a templar saw his part in the fray of yesteryears further north, ensuring that Fereldans found passage to the Free Marches. While we attempted to defend the land ourselves, my brother and I were yet youths and were incapable of doing so on our own. It shamed us to flee, yet flee we did.

More to the point and for, merely, your consideration, I have enclosed the Chanty's copies of my grandfather’s will in which he left Thornecroft Cottage, or I should say what might remain of it, to his heirs as well as such documents confirming our family’s tenancy within your jurisdiction, for at least four generations, since before the birth of my grandfather, Mason Thornecroft. Naturally, I know my lord would have to have any such documents verified before crediting them with any possible reflection. I doubt the Blight spared much, if anything. My grandfather was a most pious Andrastian and a staunch subject to Arl Eamon. Moreover he was a master builder that had a number of commissions throughout Ferelden in his day - and the son a master builder, who was the son of a builder before him with the lattermost having constructed the cottage itself with his own hands.

While my current circumstance finds me in Kirkwall, I still very much consider myself your subject. It is of great import to me that I resume my duty as such a vassal, even from afar, as I am sure that some in Redcliffe, in the Hinterland outskirts in particular, still struggle with repairing what was lost or destroyed by the Blight. Please take care to consider this letter was written with the utmost humility, rather than with the hubris of one knowing not her station in contrast with your own. My occupation does find me in Kirkwall, presently, but I have not forgotten that I am first, foremost, and forever a Daughter of Redcliffe. It would be my honour to see the land, upon which Thornecroft Cottage once stood, restored - at my own expense, of course.

Nonetheless, as you are indeed the Arl of Redcliffe, I am most certainly aware, as a humble subject in turn, that my lord is perfectly within his right to requisition and redistribute the land, if he hasn’t already, as my lord sees fit. I merely thought, hoped rather, that these documents might help to express to my lord the gravity with which I regard the reconstruction as a Thornecroft’s duty if not to strengthen my own selfish interests in this manner.

I made inquiries into the back-taxes owed, and your lordship will find these monies accompanying my petition as well. Both my father and brother have since passed, with the former leaving me the sum of which I send - a templar’s income of a year’s wages. If you were of a mind to indulge me on this matter, know that I would furthermore, now and forever, be in your personal debt regardless of the bonds of lord and vassal. I hang my hat at Saeridin & Son building company, in Kirkwall, should you decide my plea is worthy of your response.

Ever your servant,

Hanamene Thronecroft
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Teagan Guerrin

Arl of Redcliffe
Canon Character
Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline
Since the Blight, Teagan had received many letters from displaced tenants who wished to reclaim their land. Most were earnest, and he certainly could not fault anyone for fleeing at such a time. But a few were so entitled that he regarded them with nothing more than his duty as a lord, responding civilly and typically with a request for proof of ownership. That progressed as well as expected, and every now and again Teagan found himself locked in a battle of wills over tracts of land both small and large.

Truly, the work of an arl was a thrilling affair. Eamon had clearly held out on him.

Every now and again, however, a letter drew his attention beyond what was required of him. The correspondence from Hanamene Thornecroft had been one such instance. Not because of the humility--he largely ignored that, skimming past the too-formal address and everything that came with it--but because of the fact that she'd provided ample documentation as well as a hefty sum to account for back-taxes on the property.

He'd checked the papers against Redcliffe's records, finding everything in order. Once that was done, he'd sent someone to survey the land and report on its current state. Only then did he put pen to paper.


You are not the first to express interest in reclaiming lost land, but you are certainly one of the most thorough. I greatly appreciate the effort, and it speaks highly of your intentions. I suppose I should say that because the land was abandoned, its ownership has reverted to Redcliffe, but I believe that is unnecessarily cruel. I cannot in good conscience fault anyone for fleeing the Blight, and I hardly believe doing so has made your family any less loyal to the arling or Ferelden as a whole.

In truth, these lands were so ravaged by the Blight that Redcliffe would only prosper from seeing them restored. I have attempted to do so on my own, but it is a wide and daunting task, and I am afraid I have very little to show for it so far. All this is to say that I will gladly grant your request to restore your family's lands, whether you choose to do so from afar, or if you wish to wait until you can oversee reconstruction personally.

Last week, I sent one of Redcliffe's builders to assess the damage. I wish I could provide you with more comforting news, but I am afraid the majority of the home was destroyed. The foundation remains, but little else stands. It may also be some time before the land produces again, if that is of interest to you. I know you likely did not expect anything different, but I am sorry just the same.

As to the issue of back-taxes, consider them current. If you like, I can return the funds to you, or I can set them aside as a means for you to rebuild.

I wish you well in your current endeavors, and I hope you will pay Redcliffe proper a visit when next you find yourself in Ferelden.

With Regards,

Teagan Guerrin
Arl of Redcliffe