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Rika Blaise

Rika Blaise

Smart Mouth Mercenary
DAO/DA2 Timeline

Rika Blaise

Dwarf (Surface)


Date of Birth:
18 Cloudreach, 13 Dragon

Mercenary for a small company known as Shadow Claw.


Standing at 4'8", Rika is quite small even for a dwarf. But what she doesn't have in height, she has in attitude. Rika has flaming red hair that is wild and unruly. It is long, hanging to the middle of her back in loose flaming curls. Her eyes are the color of warm honey with flecks of green in them when the light hits. She has a small hook shaped scar under her right eye and a small knife shaped scar under her chin. She's got two left feet, or she thinks. They're small for her size, as well as her hands. She's well endowed in the chest region, more so than her mother. She's got a light array of freckles across her cheeks, and her front tooth on the left side is slightly chipped.


Assassin (Intermediate)

Weapons & Armor:
Rika wears dark leather armor under a black cloak and leather boots of the same dark tone. Her weapons are two identical daggers given to her by her father, called Rognak's Fury after her father. They are made of steel, straight and sharp with a crooked tip ending in a small hook. The handles are wrapped in thick dark leather the same tone as her armor with a bright red stone set in the metal in the middle on each blade.

She is fluent in Common, and the unique way that Dwarves speak as well. She also knows a little Dalish and a little Qunlat, but not much else.

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Coercion, Hunting
Expert: Stealth, Lockpicking, Disguise, Poison Lore
Intermediate: Scouting, Riding, Tracking, Stamina, Running, Cooking, Might, Searching, Swimming, Hearing.
Smithing, Dwarven Lore

Combat Skills:
Dual-Weapon (Daggers), Unarmed
Intermediate: Crossbows, Bloodlust, Knockout Bomb
Novice: Mark of Death, Lacerate
Rika likes to think she takes things seriously. But in all actuality she's known to have a very sarcastic brand of humor, kicked in with her love of pranks and she's not known by those close to her as being too serious. But she takes her job seriously. Her sense of justice is usually swayed by wherever the largest piles of coin are being tossed, but she's also an advocate for the underdog. She can be known to be crass and vulgar, she enjoys drinking as much as anyone really. She loves dragons and everything about them, and she's known to take a lot of solo jobs. As much as she prefers to be around people, not when she's working. People complicated things. She's not quick to trust, she's had a lot of bad things happen to her so she keeps her guards up. But she's brutally honest, quick witted, and silver-tongued. She can talk her way in or out of any given situation. She's an expert at stealth and disguising herself, making her a lethal assassin.

Rika Blaise is the sole daughter of Ragnok and Freya Blaise. Her parents were both members of the Merchants Guild, and as such Rika was raised with a pretty comfortable childhood. But after the Blight that took the King of the Land also took her mother things started spiraling out of control. A year later her father was exiled from Orzammar for crimes involving his wares, apparently he had begun selling stolen goods. So they moved topside, and Rika was introduced to the other side of the world that she had only heard about in stories. Over the years she found that she loved it, more than she loved her life in Orzammar. She stayed with her father for a short while until she turned eighteen, and then she quickly joined a mercenary band after meeting up with them in the Pearl in Denerim, where her and her father had moved. The mercenary band was called Shadow Claw, a small group of only three other people at the time she joined them.

She ran with them for years, quickly moving up through the ranks as their company grew to a not much larger number of twenty-five over the years. She didn't lead her own company, never much faring for the spotlight. But she typically worked with three people, the same three she'd joined up with. SHe trusted them above all else. Her years with Shadow Claw took her all over Thedas for work, but she spent most of her time in Ferelden.

Mostly Rika is just looking to survive and make as much gold as she can along the way, though she does someday see herself settling down with a wife, as she is more than sure she's not into men. She for now thrives on adventure and making money, drinking it away with friends and then doing it all over again. She tries to enjoy life as much as possible. Someday, she'll have a big house and be rich, growing old with her company and family if she has one.
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