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September Featured Character Nominations

The Maker

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September Featured Character Nominations

It's time to nominate up to TWO of your favorite characters for the month of September. Please include a REASON for your nomination. We also would like to encourage you to include a question you would like to ask the character or about the character.

Nominations close on September 25th, with Polls going up the next morning!


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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Ferren Bairston because the character is simply a delight to read, whether he's being the official Guard-Captain, Riane's second-favorite person or Lin's partner in shenanigans.

My question for Ferren: if you had to choose between the magic curls and Lin, which would it be?

I nominate Magnus because he is a quirky character whose mix of proper upbringing and less than proper occupation makes for an amusing study in contrasts.

My question for Magnus: Which tattoo is your favorite?

Hanamene Thornecroft

The Templar's Daughter
DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Cauthrien MacLean because the player brought a lot of life and badass complexity to her character that we didn't get to see much of in the video game itself and now I actually have a hard time playing DA:O because I keep thinking Cauthrien's scenes were cut or something. That's how artfully and convincingly this character was developed, imho. Cauthrien is very leading lady to me now, and I can't picture otherwise, and... ok, I'm going to stop now because my girl crush is showing.

My Q for C: Do you think Loghain's execution and Anora's exile was a king's justice or a man's revenge?

....Oh, and Magnus wanted me to pass on the message that he can't really talk about it... given its location.

I also nominate Linette Botten because she's sass on a stick and I also really enjoy reading her world view / thinky thoughts between her dialogue. Her POV kills me at times but it's also a fun and refreshing change of pace to rp with. Total firecracker. I dig her so hard. I'm looking forward to Magnus being as impressed by as terrified of her.

My Q for L: Will Magnus live to regret possibly, maybe, accidentally exploring Linette's room while she's away?

Ferren Bairston

Guard-Captain of Highever
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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Mara Kerr because it's not easy to play a character that's spiraling so fast and so hard. Mara's life was changed in an instant, and her player has done a great job playing that out.

My question for Mara's player: Do you think she'll ever truly come to terms with her life as a Warden, or will a part of her always resent it?

I also nominate Celeste Monroe not just because she's a fun and interesting character, but also because of the work her player puts in ensuring her entire crew--and they ship in which they reside--are fleshed out.

My question for Celeste's player: Who's your favorite crew member to write and why?

Fergus Cousland

Teyrn of Highever
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I nominate Adelaide Orland because I adore that the character made it through such an awful family life to be a kind and generous person.

My Question for Adelaide: If Adelaide had not grown up as a noble, what life do you think she would have lead?

I nominate Merrill because she is played with the right blend of naivete, wisdom, and charm.

My Question for Merrill: If your clan was willing to take you back with no caveats, would you go?