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September Featured Thread Nominations

The Maker

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September Featured Thread Nominations

It's time to nominate up to THREE of your favorite for the month of September! Please include the TITLE, the LINK, and the REASON for your nomination below!

Nominations close on September 25th, with Polls going up the next morning!


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Grey Warden
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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate He Mercs Hard For The Money because I love the title and the banter between Ferren and Magnus is a hoot!

I nominate Maybe I'm Amazed because it is such a sweet and tender thread, both of them wounded in their own ways and each trusting in the other.

I nominate Still Beating because broody Nate + prickly Mara = entertaining reading.

Hanamene Thornecroft

The Templar's Daughter
DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate The Cave for... reasons. :oops:
fans self, clears throat before continuing

I also nominate The Denerim Literary Society because the reaction of both Conrad and Nate to messere Tethras' smutty novel is hilarious to me. Conrad reading Nate's passage allowed is the definition of an awkward first meeting. I'm genuinely hoping they walk into the next bookshop only to find dozens and dozens more copies of it. Kind of like a weed, you pluck one but then there's so many that pop up in its place.

And I nominate Rose-y Cheeked Orlands because I adore these two in how much they care and want to look out for one another even though they'd been separated for so long. I like the notion that time and/or distance can't destroy a solid bond, and these chars play that out really well.

Ferren Bairston

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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Hang Him Out to Dry because what can I say? Sterling suffering for his entitled idiocy is the best thing ever.

I nominate Red Right Hand because Mara and Rabbit and Caethan, oh my!

I nominate Perfect Day because it was not, in fact, a perfect day, and Nathaniel's closure (or lack thereof) is an interesting glimpse into his character.

Fergus Cousland

Teyrn of Highever
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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Remembrance of Thornecrofts Past because its an interesting look into the dynamic between Hana and Magnus when they were younger. Also, I love their Nan.

I nominate Shot Through The Heart because elven girlfriends being cute totally hits my buttons.

I nominate Counting Coins because Varric plays it straight with Edwin, and gives him some good advice.