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Siali Arnith

Siali Arnith

Prominent member
Grey Warden
DAO/DA2 Timeline
Name: Siali Maas Arnith

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 4th Solace 9:06

Occupation: Grey Warden

Companion(s): N/A

Siali is tall for an elf, and tends to stand in a manner that gives the impression of tightly coiled energy waiting for any opportunity to explode. Her eyes are pale green, speckled with hazel, and her hair is thick and red. It is cut quite roughly, with a fringe pushed to one side, and never gets beyond her shoulders before she takes a pair of shears to it.

Most strikingly, Siali has a scar in the left corner of her mouth which drags it upwards, giving her a permanent smirk, sitting at odds with the frown that is her resting expression. She has indent marks on one calf from a bear trap and various other gouges and scars from her years of fighting scattered across her skin. She does however have the delicate features and lean build of most elves, although her arms are powerfully developed in proportion.

Class: Rogue

Specialization: Assassin

Weapons & Armor: Siali, when out and about, will usually wear clothes in the Warden colours when not in her official armour. She has two sets; one worn generally and for ceremonial occasions, and a set of dark grey leathers with no sigil that is used for stealth.

Languages: Common (both)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Stealth, Poison Lore, Climbing

Expert:, Scouting, Intimidation, Acrobatics

Intermediate: Contacts, Hearing, Lock Picking, Legerdemain, Tracking, Traps

Novice: Disguise, Riding

Combat Skills:

Medium Armour

Master: Dual Weapons, Assassinate

Expert: Pinpoint Strike, No Witnesses

Intermediate: Blood lust, Knockout Bomb

Novice: Mark of Death, Lacerate

Siali can come across as acerbic, with little patience for time-wasters. However she does have a dry sense of humour, and can be more kind than most would expect, especially to people who have proven themselves a friend. She can even be sweet. She’s usually willing to be civil on meeting somebody for the first time, and is proud of being a Warden. However she suffers from past traumas that have yet to entirely heal, and which occasionally plunges her into a foul mood. She tends to avoid people when one of these is going on.

She is always suspicious of all men the first time she meets them, especially humans. Violence is usually her first solution for most things, although she frequently manages to think of an option that won’t cause trouble for her down the line. She’s absolutely dedicated to the Wardens and is prepared to do what it takes to protect the Order.

Siali was born in the Highever alienage, an only child. Her parents were both part of a local elven mercenary group, the 'Adders', and from an early age Siali started to run errands on their behalf. Due to the more lenient rule of Teyrn Cousland at the time, life for the elves was not so bad as in other cities and Siali grew up moderately happy if occasionally neglected.

When she came of age she was married off to an elf who had travelled up from Redcliffe. Berwyn was kind enough but also a drunk, and forbade her from further mercenary work. Siali found married life distinctly tedious and disobeyed her husband within a matter of weeks. Around three months after marriage she was approached by a man claiming to be a member of the Crows, who offered her the very first assassination contract she'd ever been offered. It turned out to suit her. It was better paid and more challenging than mercenary work, and she started to regularly take contracts from Carlo.

Berwyn eventually realised that he was going to lose his wife and knuckled down, becoming a skilled tanner and paying much closer attention to Siali. His fresh resolve eventually softened Siali towards him and she started to think more affectionately of him.

However, just before the arrival of the Blight, Berwyn was killed by humans who accused him of overcharging them. Siali attempted to intervene but was struck and knocked unconscious. By the time she came around he was stone dead and the attackers were gone.

Out of grief Siali started taking as many contracts as possible with both the Adders and from Carlo, and trained relentlessly every day, but became reckless in battle. This eventually caused Carlo's crowd to drop her and open a contract on her life. The matter was eventually resolved during Howe's purge of the alienage, when Carlo was killed in the melee. Unfortunately, so were all of Siali's remaining kin. Siali spent the remainder of the Blight assisting in the resistance against Howe's forces.

After the Blight was over, Siali left Highever for good. She wandered Ferelden and on the way was befriended by a chirrupy young dwarf called Erna, who invited Siali to live with her when the two of them reached Denerim. Erna's constant cheer wore through Siali's bitter veneer and with time Siali started opening up a little, even enough to embark on a short romance. Siali took mercenary work to remain afloat during this time, but was becoming increasingly disenchanted with it. When the Wardens came to Denerim to look for recruits Siali saw an opportunity to improve her lot, and applied.

With the encouragement of her friends, Siali travelled to Amaranthine and took the Joining, and survived. Although old companions have drifted away, Siali has found purpose with the Wardens and enjoys being part of the order. She spent a considerable chunk of time in Lothering, teaching the militia how to safely engage with darkspawn, and is currently now residing back at Vigil’s Keep, ready for her next mission.
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