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    Getting your DA:O/DA2 Character ready for Post-Trespasser!

So You Want to be an Inquisitor!

The Maker

Staff member
As of today we will begin looking for a canon Inquisitor to help kick off the Inquisition timeline! Because this canon is integral to establishing the main post-Trespasser storyline and will be an important keystone in the roleplay for that timeline, we have some requirements that go above and beyond our normal major canon rules.

Any players wishing to apply for the Inquisitor must be:
  • Willing to work with staff to finalize the Inquisition World State, which involves making canon choices that influence the setting.
  • A regular and reliable poster to help spark and generate RP in the Inquisition timeline. This means during any 3 month period, the Inquisitor must exceed the 4 post per month minimum at least 2 of those months. Personal emergencies and unusual circumstances will be given consideration by the moderating team.
  • Willing to roleplay with majority of players in the Inquisition timeline, and help support and drive plots.
If you can fill those requirements, please send a PM to the Maker account! First shot at this goes to our current member base. We will close inquiries a week from today. The staff will then take no more than a week to come to a decision. If we do not receive any inquiries, or those interested do not meet the requirements, we will reopen the selection process in 30 days allowing for new members to throw their hat in the ring.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!