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Name: Sorian Tillahnnen

Race: Dalish Elf from the Tillahnnen Clan

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 9:10 Dragon

Occupation: Flees from Tevinter and tries to live as a mercanary. He wants to join the Inquisition

Companion(s): A black Raven

Sorian is 5.8 feet in height and of a slender figure. His hair is silvery white and drops all the way down to his knees. He also has bangs on both sides of his face. They reach down to his chest. He usually keeps his hair open.His eyes are red and have usually a calm and peaceful look in them. His skin is also very pale, since he has Albinism. His face is dominated by blue vallaslin dedicated to dirthamen, as well as a couple facial scars across his right browline and lip from a fight.

He wears as much clothing as possible to protect himself from the sunlight.
When he's not wearing his armor, he dresses in a plain wool shirt with long sleeves and a pair of leather pants leaving him barefoot. He also wears a torn hooded cloak over his clothes to protect himself from the sun

Class:Mage/ Rouge

Specialization: None at the moment

Weapons & Armor:
Beneath his torn black hooded cloak he wears ancient armor of elven origin. It is made of Bear and Deepstalker Hide and is decorated with a few Dalish Ornaments.
He wears leather arm guards on his wrists and a pair of dark leather gloves on his hands. His feet are wrapped in traditional elfen custom leaving his toes exposed. Strapped to his right thigh with a leather strap, he carries a small leather pouch in which he keeps his potions

He owns two simple iron daggers which he wears on his hips and has a Mage staff strapped to his back. It is a staff made of black wood. The handle is decorated with carvings depicting animals.
The head of the staff is a square and holds a frost rune within it

Languages: elven language ( a few words) Common tongue, Tevene

Non-Combat Skills:
He learned some Alchemy during his time in Tevinter which allows him to create health potions as well as Lyriumpotions.

Combat Skills:
Spirit Magic: During his time with a Dalish Clan he learned some Spirit Magic, allowing him to cast a protective barrier to shield himself from damage.
Creation: He also learned some healing Magic as well as Primal Magic, he is here most skilled in ice magic. He can use Winters Grasp and enchant his weapons with frost magic.

He is a very quick and agile with his daggers, making him a deadly thread to any enemies he encounters. He is also a pretty decent archer.

His twisted personality greatly contrasts with how he was 19 years ago. He used to be compassionate and righteous, devoted to his Clan and the people. He was an idealist and a dreamer and he had a strong will.
Sorian appears to be quiet, thoughtful, and level-headed, almost no one thinks of him as a considerable threat when they meet him despite being a mage since his magic appears to be very weak. Even his enemies dismissed him as just another elven savage. What they miss is that despite his Dalish upbringing he's evil, vicious, calculative, and twisted. Behaving unpredictably, he remains casual and unfazed by the world around him. He has a dark sense of humor, sarcastic wit and an utter lack of empathy.
Trough abuse and torture his personality was warped to a husk of his former self.


The Tillahnnen Clan was a considerable small Dalish Clan which travelled most of the time between the borders of the Arlathan forest and Antiva.
As the third born son of the keeper from the Clan, the chances for Solarian to be a mage were high, but he showed no talent for magic in his early years. Although dearly loved by his parents and brothers Sorian was always some sort of outcast in his Clan. Due to poor health as a child, he often needed to stay in the Arravel and therefore couldn't play with the other children or attend festivities.
At the age of seven his health got better and his training as a Rogue began. While he certainly was not the strongest he was very fast with his daggers, though he has absolutely no talent in lockpicking.
His peacefull live however changed when the Clan was attacked from Tevinter Slavers. The Clan was heavily outnumbered and in the battle many adults died. Eventually the survivors were Captured and the Children were forced to watch, how the Slavers killed the remaining adults. The slavers prevered this method since children could be better edjucated and used as slaves.
Brought to Tevinter, Sorian was selled to an Magister. The man was however evil and loved to torture his new toy. The abuse and torture went on for years, causing Sorian to mentally snap and warped and twisted his personality. Until after a feast, Sorian was able to escape. in the night, he killed his Master, the family and the guests in their sleep with a kitchen knife.
He then escaped by stealing his masters horse. He went south, trying to get away from Tevinter as much as possible. During his travels he came accross a Dalish Clan and joined them for a short time. It was there that he was thaught about his magic, he also got his Vallaslin there.
When he heard about the Inquisition he had decided to join them, hopefully it will grant him some protection.
Also on his Travels he stumbled accros an elven ruin, he explored it and there he found the staff and the elven armor. He took them for his own.
He currently arrived in Ferelden at 9: 36 Dragon.
Two weeks ago he found a black Raven with a brocken wing. He healed the bird and now the animal accompanies him.

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