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Standing Calmly At The Crossroads, No Desire To Run [Closed]


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Cauthrien’s jangling nerves settled marginally when Sofia’s hand found the dipper without being guided, and a bit more when the blue eyes focused hazily on her face as the mage drank, but her mind remained awash with self-recrimination. Her heart was still racing, and as the bracing rush of adrenaline began to wear off, she felt herself begin to tremble.

Sofia felt it, too, and setting the ladle aside, reached out to frame her face in hands that still felt too cool and clammy. “It’s all right, mi amica,” she murmured encouragingly. “It’s all going to be alright. I goaded you before we’d really had a chance to measure the extent of your abilities. It was my failing, not yours.”

“No.” Cauthrien shook her head and dropped her gaze, unable to meet the eyes that showed none of the censure that she deserved. Her mind kept churning through those few seconds: what she’d done, what she should have done, what had happened, what could have happened. She was dimly aware of lips touched softly to her cheek, arms encircling her; she resisted the first gentle tug.

“Come here.” Sofia’s command was kind but firm, and Cauthrien allowed herself to be drawn forward, resting her forehead on the mage’s shoulder and breathing in the sweet floral scent of the perfume that she favored. For the second time in less than a week, she had come perilously close to losing Sofia. The first she could perhaps not be held responsible for, but this -

Stop, she told herself firmly. Wallowing in guilt accomplished nothing; only deeds mattered. She drew a slow, deep breath, then another, wrapping her arms around Sofia and holding tight, savoring the feel of her. She was here, alive; that was all that mattered. She lifted her head, pressing a kiss to the mage’s temple. “I won't let it happen again,” she promised, her voice low and clear, drawing back until she could look into the other woman’s eyes.