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(get a screenshot from DAI?)

Name: Sulevin

Race: Dalish elf

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Wintermarch 9:13

Occupation: When she's with her clan, she serves as a hunter and warrior, and when she's away she's exploring and adventuring, looking for ruins or other out of the way places and whatever treasures she might find.


From 9:33 onward, Sulevin sometimes rides Cactus, a stallion trained by herself and other Dalish settlers in the Brecilian Forest.

Sulevin first encountered Cactus in 9:32 when she found it in a wild herd in the outskirts of the Brecilian Forest. With the Dalish starting to establish permanent settlements in the forest for farming and ranching, and with the halla and most Dalish continuing to roam, the settlers needed to begin acquiring other livestock to rely on. Sulevin led a small band of hunters to capture this herd for the Dalish, and they were able to corner the herd in a dead-end gully and capture all but one stallion.

From there it was a contest of wits, wills, and endurance, between the horse and the Dalish. The horse dodged their lassoes and danced away from their hunters, but it couldn't do both, when Sulevin and the hunters timed their movements, and she landed a throw just as the horse tried to avoid another hunter on foot. Sulevin kept her grip and her footing, and with patience and caution she approached the horse, and finally calmed it with a touch.

That let her lead the stallion and the rest of the herd back to the settlement, but it wasn't a month before the settlement requested her help with the stallion again. None of the settlers could harness the unruly horse, and it would suffer no riders, so they asked Sulevin to try her hand again. The horse recognized her, but did not make her task easy, still trying to dance away from her or avoid whatever harnesses she wanted to fit to the horse, but eventually it gave in, and so she spent a summer training the horse under the settlers' direction.

The horse, who by now she named Cactus for tales of plants with sharp thorns that also bear fruit, bonded with Sulevin and grew playful with her. She even trained him to better obey the Dalish settlers for farm work, though he would always more readily obey her. He still rejects any riders but her, so only Sulevin is able to saddle Cactus without getting thrown.

Sulevin is taller than average for female elves, and muscular, with pale skin, dark brown hair kept in a short ponytail, and blue eyes. She wears Mythal's vallaslin, a tree with many vines branching out across her forehead and her cheeks, with its roots on her jaw.

She has two scars visible: one sharp line under her vallaslin and cutting across her left cheek to the side of her mouth, just missing her nose, and the other a thin line splitting her right eyebrow and part of the vallaslin above it.

She usually wears half-plate as a compromise between mobility and protection, with an ironbark shortbow, shield and veridium axe as her weapons.

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Guardian

Weapons & Armor:
-Breastplate / field plate (balancing protection vs something she can climb and swim in, given her muscle), shortbow, axe & shield, a hunting knife or two for backup
-Materials: ironbark, whatever leather's available, viridium or light & strong metals where available

Languages: Ferldan and Elven, both written and spoken.

Non-combat skills:
-(1-2 paragraphs to describe non-combat skills)
(Emphasis on scouting, wilderness survival, overland movement)
(Some stealth & tracking, enough generic equipment maintenance / alchemy / etc to keep herself alive on long trips and keep her gear from falling apart long enough to get back to the Dalish)

Combat skills:
(Guardian skill tree, sword & board and associated maneuvers)
(Bows -> She's a Dalish, she's gotta have some skill with the bow, even if she's better with axes and shields)

She's guarded with strangers, and open with her friends, but she also tends to enjoy companionable silence rather than try to fill it. Not that she's always tight-lipped, but growing up with chatterbox age-mates makes a day spent hiking in the forest or meditating on a mountain appealing.

-Born in the Brecilian forest, roamed with her clan, trained as a hunter & warrior, with her skills leaning more towards melee, got very interested in scouting and exploring for old ruins to help recover lost lore, got word from Zathrian's clan re: Grey Warden treaties, went to go participate in the battle of Denerim as an archer (and did a little front-line fighting if/when some darkspawn broke through the lines)
The State of Things: Ferelden Edition - land was given in the Brecilian Forest to the Dalish, but this also caused contention between them and human nobles & commoners living near their land
-Sulevin's clan moved in and helped settle things, mostly setting up farmland, cleansing blighted land, setting up watchtowers internal routes, etc
-Clan lives there now, Sully alternates between helping to protect their territory & searching for ruins across Ferelden (also gathering news, interesting-looking seeds, and so forth)
-She'll stick to Ferelden and stay away from Kirkwall - treating it like a slow motion trainwreck - morbidly fascinating to look at, definitely suicidal to approach.
-?Found the same ruins the Sabrae clan found in Origins? Burned out any lingering Darkspawn taint, saw the statue at the bottom & got the idea to try doing some short Deep Roads jaunts / visit Orzammar?
-Helped develop techniques to use fire to cleanse lands of Darkspawn taint, like prescribed fire but vs DS creep / taint - easy to test fire uses away from settled areas, start small & see what works
-DAO/DA2 timeline is her traveling around Ferelden, DAI timeline is her back with the clans to defend against rifts & demons, ward off templars / apostates trying to encroach on their territories
-?Post DAI, what do the Dalish in the Brecilian do? Join Solas? Does he come there to build power? ???

DAO through post-DAI

(posting here with notes for early feedback and in case someone spots anything needing changes)
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