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The Copper Kettle [Place]

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The Maker

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A decent place to grab a cheap beer that doesn't taste like horse piss or a meal that won't leave you stuck to the chamber pot for the next two days, the Kettle is still not the kind of place you'd take a first date. The bar and tables have seen better days, and fights have been known to break out on occasion.

Popular with the low-end working class. Rooms upstairs have a bed, dresser and washstand.

Important Staff

Floyd - Owner - Human male - Medium height, balding with a paunch. Doesn't have the stones to outright cheat anyone, but he'll do his best to get the better end of any deal. Dialogue color - d47b09

Sylvia - Barmaid - Human female - Petite, sassy blonde with green eyes. Likes to flirt, but won't let things go too far. Dialogue color - c26af3

Collette - Barmaid - Human female - Tall and curvy, with thick, curly, black hair that she ties back in a scarf when she's working and dark eyes. Dialogue color - 88eb62
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