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The Musty Mug

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The Maker

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A small tavern located in the bowels of the Market District, its entrance nestled on the edge of an alley, most avoid Denerim's seediest of taverns, The Musty Mug. Only the tattered flag marks the the building as a tavern, the faint outline of a brown mug embossed upon the flag's fabric.

A lower class of clientele, ranging from the poor and desperate to those of blessed with a more flexible sense of morality, frequent the establishment.

The Mug is known for its very strong and potent rotgut brandy blend that is guaranteed to get a person deep in their cups quickly.

Important Staff
The owner/bartender, Ward, is not a friendly man. Some believe his entire vocabulary consists of nothing more than grunts, snorts, and mucus laden coughs.
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