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The South Wall Debacle Open Call

Fergus Cousland

Teyrn of Highever
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Canon Character
DAO/DA2 Timeline
This post is to provide a more detailed explanation of the South Wall situation in Highever, as well as provide a slow moving plot setting for individuals that may be interested. When certain events happen that will effect the setting, they will be updated in this thread.

What I hope to achieve with this is give individuals who are looking for a plot that they can take part in, but not be beholden to, as well as help effectively direct the future of this area in Highever.

Curious about the full setting information of Highever? Please see Highever Restored.

The South Wall area is where refugees from Blighted Lands under the Highever banner have flocked in hopes of finding a new life. Many of the individuals come from small villages and parts of the bannorn that have been Blighted so badly that there is no way to make a living there. Bann's from these small areas no longer have lands to rule over, or people to protect.

The South Wall area is called such due to being outside the southern wall of Highever City. The people started building shacks, tents, and other unstable housing. At first, it was small, but over time it has grown, with some individuals opening market stalls to sell what meager wares they can find. Crime is spiking, criminals using the area to terrorize and use the refugees for their own gains.

Many of the nobles who live along Highever's northern edge are calling for eviction of the entire area outside the south wall. Fergus is of a different mind, trying to find a solution to the problem. He believes that he is required to help these people and incorporate them into the city proper. Unfortunately, attempts to start wall and proper housing construction has been met with vandals and thieves.

Upon Fergus' return to Highever in late Harvestmere 9:35, he will be setting his administrators to the task of finding out who is behind the sabotage, as well as finding any other solutions to the crisis at hand. There is a good chance that other nobles who do not like Fergus' policies could be using the criminal element here to shift his focus away from things he might notice otherwise.

As the timeline progresses, we'll be updating with certain events happening that would bring out a call to arms for mercenaries and Warden help.

If you have questions, please feel free to either contact me or @Ferren Bairston in PM or even ask in the thread below.