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The State of Things: Ferelden Edition

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The World State of Ferelden

The youngest kingdom in Thedas has a harsh and brutal history. Once a land of warring barbarian tribes, it was finally unified over 400 years ago by Calenhad Theirin, the first Ferelden King.

In more recent history, Ferelden has both overcome an occupation by their closest neighbor, Orlais, and survived a Blight that ended nearly as quickly as it arrived. Many nations outside of Ferelden have doubts that it was a true Blight, but those who lived through it understand that it was.

It was Aedan Cousland and Alistair Theirin, the last remaining Grey Wardens in the country, that rallied their allies and unified the country against the darkspawn threat. This victory also shook up the leadership of the country, as Teyrn Loghain was executed, his daughter Anora exiled, and Alistair was named King.

Though the Blight had been ended, darkspawn activity saw a resurgence in Amaranthine some months later. Aedan -- now the Warden-Commander of Ferelden -- recruited new Grey Wardens to combat this threat. In the months that followed, rumors of sentient darkspawn and newly malformed types of darkspawn became prevalent in the area. The Grey Wardens were able to quell this threat, destroying the brood mother that birthed the monstrosities.

The period after this has been one of rebuilding and some political strife. King Alistair remains on the throne, and after four years has finally taken a wife, the former Teryna of Gwaren, Constance Theirin née Carringstone.

Areas of Ferelden are still affected by the passage of the darkspawn. Blighted lands throughout the country have caused hardship on the common folk, causing them to seek knew homes and trades. Still, the country perseveres as the nobility work to continue solving the problems leftover by the Blight.

Ferelden currently has a number of different situations that are a concern for noble and commoner alike:

  • Locations affected by the Blight are causing food shortages in some areas, causing people to leave their homes seeking a new life in other areas of Ferelden.
  • Political intrigue has ramped up in the years after the Blight. Assassination attempts, assassinations, and other backhanded dealings among the nobility has become prevalent.
  • Pockets of darkspawn are still appearing throughout the country, though none in the same force that was controlled by the Archdemon or the Mother.
  • Land was gifted to the Dalish in the Brecilian Forest for their part in assisting against the Blight. This has caused contention between them and the nobles and commoners living near their new home.
  • The tension between the Orlesian empire and Ferelden is still there, though diplomatic missions have worked to ease it.
  • There are high tensions between the Grey Wardens of Ferelden and the Chantry, especially in Amaranthine where the Grey Wardens main base is located. This tension seems to be spreading across Thedas if rumors are to be believed.
  • The efforts of King Alistair and Teyrn Cousland to improve the treatment of city elves have met with resistance and resentment among humans at all social levels, and while such sentiments are in the minority, a few have resorted to violence to express their displeasure.

In 9:33, Aedan Cousland stepped down as Warden-Commander and the Arl of Amaranthine, appointing Nathaniel Howe as his replacement. He was still seen in Ferelden for some time after that, but eventually disappeared from public view. Rumors of the reasons why are abound, but only a select few know of his true fate.

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