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The State of Things: Kirkwall Edition

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The World State of Kirkwall

Known as the City of Chains, Kirkwall has a long history full of strife and blood. Current events continue this pattern of history, and there are some that would call Kirkwall cursed.

The city-state currently has a number of conflicts causing problems for its citizenry and leadership.
  • A group of Qunari lead by the Arishok are still settled into a makeshift warehouse refuge in the Dock district, after 3 years.
  • Apostates grow bolder, causing tighter lockdowns in the Gallows.
  • Darkspawn have been sighted around Sundermount.
  • Tal-Vashoth bandits ambush merchants using the roads on the Wounded Coast.
  • The Coterie and the Carta have a stranglehold on Darktown.
  • Rumors of Blood Magic circulate.
Despite this, Kirkwall has many likely and unlikely defenders holding back the tide that threatens to swallow it. From the newly risen noble, Hawke, and her group of friends, to concerned and active citizens looking to make a better life for all, Kirkwall has many heroes.

Some lore, dates, and choices information are different for Thedas: Timelines than Dragon Age 2. To see these differences, please review both our Official Timeline (Link to come) and Kirkwall Canon Choices.
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