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The State of Things: Southern Thedas Post-Trespasser Edition

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The World State of Southern Thedas Post-Trespasser
Just a few short years after the upheaval that began with one ill-fated explosion in Kirkwall, Thedas was rocked with a new problem. A tear in the sky, that brought forth creatures from the Fade and sent a shockwave through the southern countries of Ferelden and Orlais. While tears and anomalies appeared across the rest of the continent, the Breach's epicenter fell between these two countries.

The war between Mage and Templar continued, until Inquisitor Sati Adaar stepped in and allied with the Mages, offering them what they hoped would be an edge against their enemies. It turned out much worse, and the remnants of the Templar Order fell under the sway of Corypheus and the red lyrium that he used to infect people, animals, and even the land.

Under Inquisitor Adaar's leadership, the Inquisition grew into a major political and military force. Through her endeavors, she rooted out Corypheus' followers, assisted in quelling the Civil War in Orlais, and closed the breach that threatened the land. The defeat of the Magister-turned-Darkspawn should have put an end to it all, but it seemed it was only the beginning. After attending a council, fighting off a minor Qunari invasion, and losing her arm, Sati Adaar still helms the Inquisition for a purpose that not many outside of the organization understand.

Southern Thedas now exists in a state of recovery. Empress Celene sees to the reunification of Orlais, her spymaster Briala by her side. Though her primary mission is to restore confidence and faith in the Chantry, newly-named Divine Victoria has also taken on a diplomatic role with the leaders of Thedas. The majority of Mages remain allied with the Inquisition, and are learning to navigate their new found freedom. While the Divine has proposed they transform the Circles into a place of learning where young mages can safely grow into their powers, they have yet to decide whether or not they will return to their former prisons.

The Templar Order's ranks were severely thinned, many losing themselves to Red Lyrium sickness. Those that remained loyal or out of reach of Corypheus are working with the Divine to help rebuild the order, though it has yet to be decided if they will serve the same purpose as before the war. The Seekers’ fate is still undecided, as Cassandra weighs the information in the Book of Secrets against the Divine's request to rebuild and the advice she was given by the Inquisitor.

Ferelden works to rebuild areas that were heavily damaged by both the Fade rifts and agents of Corypheus, while flushing out any leftover spies for the Venatori and Red Templars with the Inquisition's help. Redcliffe Castle sustained heavy damage during the Venatori takeover, and the surrounding communities suffered from the Mage and Templar conflict. King Alistair and Queen Constance work towards negotiating the return of key fortresses from Inquisition control, as well as securing aid for the smaller communities affected by the conflict over the past few years.

The Orlesian Wardens currently remain under the command of the Inquisition, while the Ferelden Wardens still stand on their own. With no word from Weisshaupt during the conflict, both of these orders can't help but wonder if Corypheus' influence extended further north.

While both Orlais and Ferelden weathered the storm Corypheus unleashed, it is known both relied heavily on the Inquisition for assistance. Opportunistic countries now look for weaknesses that can be exploited, or alliances that could become profitable.

Southern Thedas has a number of different plot points that can help you develop character ideas and plots:

  • The Inquisition still stands, and while the recruitment drive is not as intense as before, they are still looking for new members. It seems the Inquisition may yet have a purpose, though that purpose is not known to those outside of its ranks.
  • Orlais is not only recovering from the machinations of Corypheus but also a Civil War. Towns and Villages are damaged, some even devastated. Rebuilding has begun, but even with Celene securing her power thanks to the the assistance of Briala's spy network, the political climate is tense.
  • Divine Victoria -- formerly Mother Giselle -- works to restore Thedas' faith in the Chantry, and rebuild the institutions that have fallen. Her efforts are diplomatic; often neutral. Despite her election, her reign has its detractors amongst the clergy.
  • Mages no longer fear being hunted down by templars, and can move freely throughout Thedas. Bias against them still exists however, as not everyone agrees they should have this freedom. They have begun to organize, and their leaders are currently in talks with the Divine to reestablish the Circles of Thedas for a new purpose -- learning.
  • Templars are now few and far between, and those that remain are loyal to the Chantry, following the Divine's lead.
  • Ferelden has rebuilding to do, especially in the western regions. Political strife exists, but those who work against the crown work mostly in the shadows.
  • With Weisshaupt's silence, the Wardens of both Orlais and Ferelden have much to ponder over the possibility of corruption in their upper echelons.
  • In the years during and after the conflict, the Fereldan Wardens would have accepted both mages and templars as recruits.
  • Remnants of the Venatori may still exist in secret & remain dedicated to the notion of a new Tevinter empire.
  • Following the failure of their attempted invasion, the Qunari retreated to the north; the Ariqun and Ben-Hassrath disavowed all knowledge of the Viddasala's intent and actions. Shortly after, the war against Tevinter was renewed with greater intensity
  • The knowledge of spies within the Inquisition, both elven and Qunari, has led to more careful vetting of potential agents
  • Elves across Thedas, both in and out of the Inquisition, have vanished. Knowing Fen'Harel's intent, the Inquisition must decide whether or not to alert the leaders of Thedas, knowing that it could very likely lead to new rounds of oppression and violence against the elves who remain

To see the Inquisitor's decisions that impacted this world state, please see: The Inquisitor's Canon Choices
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