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Vamaya Harel

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Vamaya Harel

Post DAI Timeline
Name: Vamaya Harel

Race: Dalish Elf

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 13th Haring, 9:19 Dragon

Occupation: Spy, tracker, Inquisition agent

Companion(s): A dark-feathered hawk called Din. Ostensibly used for tracking, is also used to carry messages back to Vamaya’s clan.

Vamaya has the typical slightness of the elves, and stands at 5’1’’. However, her body is a streak of wiry muscle, and she can move extremely quickly. Either side of her head is shaved, and the middle lock either flops to one side or is caught back in a short plait that barely reaches her shoulders. Her eyes are dark grey and her skin tan enough that she elected to have her valleslin – in the style of Falon’Din – in white ink. She has three self-applied scars on one shoulder.

Class: Rogue

Specialization: Artificer

Weapons & Armor: For the purposes of blending in, Vamaya wears the type of armour known as a hunter coat, with only a small marked brooch to indicate her ties to the Inquisition. She has retained the heartwood gauntlets and leg guards brought with her upon arrival. She is most skilled with twinned daggers, and currently uses two steel hook blades. She can also use a bow proficiently, and usually carries an ash shortbow with her.


Dalish: Fluent spoken. Basic written.

Common: Fluent in all.

Orlesian: Spoken, beginner. Written, beginner.

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Stealth

Expert: Traps, Legerdemain, Evaluation, Coercion

Intermediate: Animal Handling, Bargaining, Climbing, Lockpicking, Cooking, Dalish Cultural Lore, Disguise, Hunting, Scouting, Searching, Tracking, Wilderness Survival

Novice: Fletcher, Healing, Dalish History, Investigation, Linguistics, Natural Lore, Performance,

Combat Skills:

Medium Armour

Master: Dual Weapons (Daggers)

Expert: Bows (Shortbow)

Intermediate: Unarmed Combat, Elemental Mines

Novice: Bows (Crossbow), Dual Weapons (Axes), Spike Trap

Those meeting Vamaya for the first time would be surprised by how convivial she is towards everyone – for a Dalish. Whether elf, dwarf, human or qunari, she greets anyone she meets for the first time with a cheerful manner, and generally comes across as eager to please. She plays the harp like a dream, she’s a quick learner, and she’s willing to help with just about anything that’s within her means to do so.

She’s also far more astute than she appears. A skilled liar and manipulator, she dislikes many of the people she meets, but will not return to her clan until given specific orders to do so – it’s more interesting working for the Inquisition than hunting every day. She will do what she needs to do in order to get the job done, and has little hesitation over taking a life if it is obstructing her, especially if it’s a shem. She has respect for the Inquisitor and many of the people on the ground, whether she likes them or not, but doesn’t think much of the council.

The three scars on her shoulder are testament to an unsuccessful mission in which she was the only one to make it back alive; as a show of remorse, Vamaya carved one scar into her shoulder for each of the others in her group who didn't make it home.

Vamaya was born to the Enaslin clan, which mostly wanders through the Planasene Forest in Nevarra with occasional ventures towards Wildervale when the presence of humans requires it. Raised with the rest of the clan’s children, it took a few years for the elders to notice that whenever there was trouble, Vamaya was either conveniently absent or was extremely good at claiming she had nothing to do with it. She was frequently punished for making off with small trinkets from other people’s aravels, although there appeared to be no malicious intention for it – she just liked shiny objects.

Although she was rarely caught red-handed, the quickness with which she could lie and slip away from problems worried her parents and the Keeper of the clan. If she grew and her habits continued, she could cause fractions in the clan that might endanger them all during times they needed to band together. Vamaya was given an ultimatum; pull herself together, or face expulsion from the clan when she came of age.

The talk appeared to have an effect. She dedicated herself to learning how to hunt, and often spent days away from the clan. As she wasn’t causing trouble when she was there and she always returned with a good kill, nobody decided to press. Even when she started to experiment with toxins and using traps, nobody thought much of it; traps were useful in hunting, and the poisons could be of use against any shemlen stumbling on their caravan. During this time she also learned how to capture and train a hawk from her father, who had a bird of his own.

Vamaya reached the age of eighteen, and caused some consternation when she elected to have the valleslin for Falon’Din rather than Andruil. She could still lie her way out of trouble most of the time, however, and the thieving seemed to have long since stopped. Vamaya carried on a regular existence within the clan, and was happy within it; her childhood troubles appeared to be a thing of the past.

As the events of the Breach unfolded and the Inqusition started to grow in strength, however, the Keeper of the clan became uneasy. The Circles had been lost and the templars had fractured, but a new power apparently backed by the Chantry boded ill for anybody not of Andrastian faith. Recalling Vamaya’s younger proclivities, the Keeper summoned her and gave her an important mission; to join the Inquisition, and relay anything she might find of use back to the clan. She was also instructed to disrupt anything that might hurt the Dalish.

It was a big responsibility, and Vayama was dubious about it; her fleeting interactions with shemlen had not painted a pretty picture of them for her. Nonetheless, she accepted the task, seeing it as an opportunity to help the clan and to indulge in the subterfuge she enjoyed so much. Alone, she made her way to an Inquisition camp and presented herself as an envoy sent by her clan, but gave a false name. From the beginning she presented herself as both a competent scout and eager to please.

She assisted successfully on many missions but still found working around shemlen distasteful, and the complacency of city elves baffling. This didn’t prevent her from taking lessons from a skilled artificer in improving her traps. After Corypheus was defeated, the Inquisition did not disband and Vamaya didn’t receive orders instructing her to return, so she’s remained for the most until told to do otherwise. For the moment, she’s enjoying the life more than expected, and continues to send reports back when she can – something she knows Leliana is aware of, but thus far has allowed her to keep doing.
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