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When You're Good to Maman [Closed]

Nicolette O'Hara

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DAO/DA2 Timeline
Nicolette could sense the tension radiating off Celeste as she led her captain amongst the trees. She could not blame her. Not only was this sharply removed from the open ocean, but even though Nicolette had spent a good portion of her life traversing forests such as this one, she had rarely travelled through them in the dark. Anybody on the road with an ounce of sense made their camp long before dusk fell, allowing plenty of time to choose a safe place with plenty of firewood and get a tent up to protect against rains falling in the night. Only on a handful of occasions had she walked straight through until dawn, and those had been dangerous territories where she had dared not run the risk of lighting a fire and being spotted.

But she knew this trail well, and she kept her fingers curled with Celeste’s, guiding her easily through the darkness until they reached their destination. Apparently it had been worth it; the pond could not rival the sea, but Celeste seemed pleased by the pretty tableau laid out in front of them.

She seemed more pleased when she turned back to find Nicolette shedding her clothes.

They held their distance for a few moments as they both disrobed. They both liked temptation games, finding holding their desire back a few minutes adding spice to the moment when one or the other of them broke, but they had not teased each other in such a fashion since Nicolette’s return; the need had been too great. However there were shades of it as Celeste prowled towards her, devouring her with a slow kiss that left Nicolette weak at the knees, as her own hands roamed her lover. Celeste’s lips followed the line of her jaw and all Nicolette’s attention was drawn to that point, the thud of her pulse quickening as Celeste’s teeth grazed her ear…

“Last one in’s a bronto’s ass.”

Oh, that was unfair! Nicolette had no chance whatsoever of pulling herself together in time, and Celeste was already diving into the water by the time she actually registered the words. Nicolette thundered in after her - drawing further comparisons to a bronto’s ass - and splashed into the water with none of her usual grace, but she was laughing all the same. Six months of heartache and fear had been lifted away entirely, and the cool water made her feel so clean, and Celeste was close by, her legs skimming by Nicolette’s fingers as she dived towards the bottom.

Nicolette came up for air, then dived again as Celeste came back up. This time her fingers followed her lover’s leg all the way down, and she turned her head to playfully nip at Celeste’s backside as she went, before swimming between the other woman’s legs and popping back up in front of her, grinning.

“I may be a bronto’s ass, but I do not have teethmarks in mine.”

She then dived away from Celeste. They were both strong swimmers, although Nicolette would not deny that Celeste outstripped her. Still, she was not planning on playing fair. She turned about under the water, doubling back to her lover, fingers tickling along her ribs on the way past.