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    Sully posted the thread Sulevin in Workshop.
    (get a screenshot from DAI?) Name: Sulevin Race: Dalish elf Gender: Female Date of Birth: Wintermarch 9:13 Occupation: When she's...
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  • Sati Adaar
    The distraction appeared to work. The mention of finding a cloak softened a little of the anxiety in Josie’s eyes, although her...
  • Sati Adaar
    Sati half expected Meraad to fly at her, and was ready for it; she wouldn’t goad on purpose, ever, but the itchy feeling that had...
  • Nicolette O'Hara
    Celeste handled the initial introductions, as she was in charge of the shipment they were guiding from the Wicked Grace; Nicolette took...
  • Isabela
    For a few minutes, Naishe had been left unable to speak. She barely even had a thought, just a warm sense of contentment accompanied by...
  • Nicolette O'Hara
    Nicolette was most in her element when spinning stories, and the tale of how she had met Celeste was one of her favourites to tell. It...