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7. Playing a Canon Character

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Canon characters are very important to the world of Dragon Age and the Thedas: Timelines board. Players want to interact with their favorite canons be it in active roleplay or future plotting. Playing a canon comes with a certain degree of responsibility

Board requirements
We have 4 types of canons: Taken, Available, Reserved and Unavailable.

  • Taken canons are currently being played by a board member
  • Available Canons include most major and minor canons in the games, and may be applied for as first characters
  • Reserved canons require the player to be an established player for at least three months before applying. Players must get permission from the moderating team before submitting an application.
  • Unavailable canons are just that: unavailable. They are canons that do not fit into the current storylines created for the boards or have previously died.
See List of Canon Characters for a detailing of current canon availability.

Note: Players may have up to 4 canon characters.

Role play requirements
Canon characters should be active and accessible, and this requires a commitment of both time and energy. It is expected that a canon character will post as much as they are able, with the understanding that they do have greater obligations than regular characters. Players want to interact with the canons, it is expected that they should be able to do so (within the scope of any plot a canon is involved in, of course).

Canons do require time and effort. While there are no minimum posting requirements, players should be making an effort to post each month, particularly when they are involved in major plots and/or multiple threads with other players.

The moderating team will make every effort to work with a player who is experiencing real-life difficulties that affect their ability to post, as long as they are made aware that these situations exist via PM or Discord DM.

Two consecutive months with no posting and no communication with moderating staff will result in a warning PM to the player. A third consecutive month with no posts or communication will result in a second warning PM. After four months with no posting and no communication with moderating staff, that canon will be removed from the player.

A canon character should be recognizable in roleplay. Speech patterns and mannerisms are important. While there is freedom in determining some aspects of a canon’s characterization, there are some boundaries associated with the more recognizable roles. An Anders that believes the Circle Tower and the Chantry are the bee knees and all mages should be happy to live under such rules would not be in character for Anders, for example.

The Application Process
A list of available canon characters is located here. We realize this list is not a comprehensive list of all the characters mentioned in the Dragon Age games. If there is a character, major or minor, that you do not see listed, please feel free to send a PM to the Thedas: Timelines moderating staff about the canon you are interested in.

Once you select the canon you wish to play, you should send a PM to Moderating staff expressing your intent to apply. This is not to gain pre-approval but to make players aware of other players potentially applying for the same canon and impending plots that may affect the application.

Once staff has given the thumbs up, please use the same template provided for all characters to write your canon application.

Do not post any part of your profile on the board (either under the Workshop or Character Profiles) while it is a work in progress. When complete, forward the profile by PM @The Maker account.

Moderating staff will contact you with questions and edits in a prompt manner. And once your profile is pre-approved, you may then post the profile on the forum under Character Profiles. Staff will stamp and you will be free to let the RP juices flow.
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