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December Featured Character Nominations

The Maker

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December Featured Character Nominations

It's time to nominate up to TWO of your favorite characters for the month of December. Please include a REASON for your nomination. We also would like to encourage you to include a question you would like to ask the character or about the character.

Previous Winners:
Celeste Monroe
Ferren Bairston
Mara Kerr
Falon Varos
Nathaniel Howe

Nominations close on December 27th, with Polls going up the next morning!​

Fergus Cousland

Teyrn of Highever
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Canon Character
DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Alistair Theirin because I really enjoy the portrayal with just the right balance of humor and maturity.

My question for Alistair's player: How do you think Alistair would react to the knowledge about Fiona being his mother?

I nominate Sofia di Castelbuono because I've really enjoyed how she is so different from the Ferelden wardens, and look forward to seeing how she influences things moving forward.

My question for Sofia is: If Sofia had a choice with no strings, what is the one thing in all of Thedas she would choose to do with her life?

Ferren Bairston

Guard-Captain of Highever
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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I nominate Isabela because from day one, she's been played beautifully in-character. It's always great to be able to "hear" and "see" a canon character saying and doing those things, and you definitely can in this instance.

Question for Isabela: Is there such a thing as a boat that's too big?

I nominate Kiran Xuresh because despite his upbringing in the Circle tower and how much his life has diverged from his twin's, you can still see the shared traits in the small interactions. Also he's just a ball of sheltered awkwardness right now, which I always enjoy.

Question for Kiran's player: If Kiran had failed his Harrowing, which demon would he have been most likely to succumb to?