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Featured Character for December: Kiran Xuresh

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If Kiran had failed his Harrowing, which demon would he have been most likely to succumb to?

Something between a rage and a despair demon. Do those exist? Let's name it a bartering demon, and then start an expedition for denial and acceptance demons, just to be safe.

What was the inspiration for this Kiran?

I'm a sucker for wanteds and ideological conflict. If there's a philosophical divide skewing unusually one-sided, or a gap in a conflict I think would be fun to write, I will almost assuredly find a story buried in the other side to tell. Because that's the stuff I find fun to write - drama, and that whole notion of "development through contention."

So Kiran's pro-Circle, but that doesn't necessarily mean anti-mage or pro-templar. He's a devout Andrastian, if only because I think most characters would be allergic to the Chantry, if not pondering their odds of bursting into flames for visiting one. And he's a mage who's fairly middling with spells, because magic isn't the only way to change the world.

That, and I was already working on a circle mage concept anyway. Her name was Heike Zelmine. Making her a Xuresh bro instead smoothed out all those funky profile issues, extreme whiplash notwithstanding.

Does Kiran have a theme song and/or play list? What is it?

Heeey, weren't we just talking about extreme whiplash?

I feel like every day, I'm falling in love with a new Omnium Gatherum song that could work. They're a funky band, and most of their lyrics are that "so abstract, no one has any idea what they're talking about" style, and yet it's all somehow inexplicably positive. From a band that has "death" in the genre.

Kiran's playlist started with these two, though:
Marina and the Diamonds - Living Dead
Rivers of Nihil - A Home

Why yes, that is cognitively dissonant bubble gum pop followed by progressive technical death metal! I guess another big part of Kiran has always been outlandish contradictions.