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Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline

Name: Fenris

Race: City Elf

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Since he doesn’t know his date of birth, he supposed he is born between the 2 Dragon to 7 Dragon range.

Occupation: Mercenary

Companion(s): N/A

Except a few particular traits, Fenris’ appearance is very similar to his kin, green eyes, pointy ears, small size, thin and slender. A closer look and tendrils of lyrium imbued in his dark skin will be easily noticed. Those sinuous lines ink at chiseled firm muscles accustomed to arduous tasks and training. His swarthy carnation contrasting with his unusual silver white hair, betrays his origins as a northerner. Finally his bare feet should complete this quite unprecedented portrait. An unprecedented superficial portrait.​

It wouldn’t describe how expressive and intent these eyes are when they convey fierce emotions, be it deep rooted loath or/and unwavering loyalty. How much doubts harass his steps each time he climbs to claim every inch of freedom that had been taken from him. How, no matter appealing it might be, the roughness of his voice probably came from hours of unending screams of agony. How his pale hair denounces the amount of stress he had been subjected to. How much he reigns his inner torments, echoing in his pulsing brands.​

However, for anyone who would consider taking a closer look, they would see him thrive in freedom, his long and agile fingers learning to handle a writing feather or holding a book besides blade. They would see discreet smiles gracing his less guarded features, hinting at his once youthful face. They would also note his tendency to tilt his head on one side while listening, shifting from one foot to another almost impatiently, the way his body would mark his words, his stance giving out the tone of a conversation.​

Class: Warrior

Specialization: --

Weapons & Armor:
Weapon: In melee he will also use his sharp clawed gauntlets to tore or rip anything at a close range. As he was given a Blade of Mercy, he still uses this red steel greatsword to fight.​

Armor: Light and medium, though his breast plate and gauntlets could be considered as heavy armor. He wears some leather under up his plate, and it covers his neck, spiky feathers adorning his shoulders too. He wears molding pants on his legs, not really meant for protection.​

Spoken & read (after DA2) & written (after DA:I): Common tongue
Spoken: Common tongue, Tevene
Basically spoken: Qunlat

Non-Combat Skills:

Brooding according to Varric.​
Basic social skills: distant politeness.​
A refined palate concerning wines, and used to very spicy food.​
A good aim at throwing bottles even when occasionally drunk.​
Poker face while playing cards. It could be considered as concealing his thoughts or intentions to a certain degree.​

More seriously, according to his background and different experiences he had, coercion is not a problem for him. His presence is unnerving and his apparent calm makes him even more eerie. Years spent as a fugitive made him quite distrustful toward others, and he had always questioned their motives. His keen-sight helped him countless times to decipher some of people’s intentions through gestures and looks. Enhanced hearing prevented him to be assaulted during rest. He learned to track down slavers, aiming for any network. That meant learning to survive in nature, to hunt, camp and live on his own.​

In these experiences could be counted his education as a slave and knowledge of Tevinter’s society structure, customs. His time spent living with the Fog Warriors, could also be counted as a meaningful experience, for he fought Qunari, that’s where he improved his stealth to ambush his enemies. He was also taught some sort of meditation before fight that would help in his focus. The thing is since their slaughter he felt unworthy of using that spiritual teaching, until he confided this story to Hawke or Sebastian.​

Combat Skills: He may use two handed weapons, though, according to his training, he will be more efficient wielding a blade. Well versed in a sword sparring, he received a draconian education on this, and as his dexterity is quite lethal, it perfectly reflects his relentless mind set on battle. A mind unwilling to yield to his foes, a living being made into a weapon and very aware of his dangerous nature. If his sword is taken, then careful of the claws, if his gauntlets are gone, beware of his abilities granted by his ivy brands. Made of lyrium, turning him into a ghost that will aim at, and rip, any heart attempting to make him surrender on the battlefield. These markings activated, they will influence his speed, his stamina and most of all damages. One of their utmost use, helps him to weaken magic attacks cast at him.​

These brands causing a permanent pain, he uses it to fuel these special abilities, when they attune with a mage’s magic insuring their maintenance, this mage’s touch will be more bearable. Though these brands are an assets on the field, he revels in any victory without the need of using them. A victory without magic… Is more valuable. He favors his two handed sword, and his practice shows as he could sell his sword for a living, though he isn’t too fond of such idea.​
He knows unarmed combat, but as he didn’t hone the basics, his body acts on reflexes, and counting on speed. He would know how to fend for himself but in front of a seasoned assassin, he is more likely to hold a defense stance and suffers from quite a few wounds.​
Fighting with a group of people started to teach him, working with a pack instead of ending wounded alone offered better chances in survival. He developed an interest into the basics of tactics, he became more alert on the battlefield.​

Social circle:​

Typically, Fenris wouldn’t be the first choice for a merry company, his life has shaped him in sharp and rough edges that make communication delicate. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know politeness, in fact quite the opposite, but in his own curt and blunt way.​
Though, once passed the unwelcoming and intimidating sides of him, he has demonstrated a sort of astuteness with witty retorts, and has made a few attempts at jokes. Unfortunately his notions of social skills can seriously diminish if his views on important matters are confronted rather than being considered. Resentment over his past might taint his will to move on from the agony he went through. Hatred will blind him, fueled by a trademark stubbornness, he might vent on any companion or friend. It is recommended to leave him alone in these moments.​

However, depending on the person, he might reconsider his own attitude and words later, and will feel no qualms to apologize for this. That’s certainly the most terrible part, his insightful moments allow him to realize his mistakes and how far he is from truly be free of chains. Fortunately he is not one to relinquish once his mind is set on a purpose or on a prey. It doesn’t mean he will take useless risks, or will always resort to violence. In fact he seems far more calculating than it first appears, just like his stratagem with Anso. It could also denote his need for control of his surroundings, if not of his fiery wolfish temper.​

But if you can’t tame a wolf, you can earn his trust then respect by proving your worth in deeds, for Fenris doesn’t believe in shallow words. Then you can away his tons of layers, until you earn his loyalty. Once you’ve reached that level of bond with him, you’ll be astonished to find how thoughtful, considerate and protective he is. Though he won’t make this easy nor for people reaching for him, nor for himself. If his loyalty is not earned, then he will do his part and leave on his way. If he owes a debt to someone, he will make sure to repay it, once it is done, he will probably part without further notice.​

Inner self:​

As previously mentioned Fenris can prove to be difficult to read as he learnt early that concealing emotions from anyone who would take advantage of them, especially the masters, would preserve him. And though he can’t remember his years as Leto, some conditioning remained. Each time, he discovers a weakness about himself he can’t face right away or he can’t let anyone see, he will cover it with a detached manner or on the contrary with rashness. That could be the case with mages, inside he knows that his hatred can be compared to how helpless he feels under their power, it’s nothing but fear. Ironically he seeks that same power, to stand on an equal ground with his foes.​

He is very demanding with himself on grounds of duty and discipline, and in his combat skills. Practicing helps him to appease his mind, exhausting himself to avoid dark figures from his past to haunt him. He is a perfectionist that will always try to improve himself once he begins learning a new skill. The same could be said about his personal growth, as soon as he is aware of the poisonous loathe gnawing at his heart, he wishes to put an end to it. But he needs to some time to process this growth and won’t tolerate anyone trespassing on such private grounds. It is similar with expectations, only his own will be welcomed, anyone tries to meddle in this will hear the end of it. He is so focused on his faults, that he tends to overlook his qualities. It is also true that these qualities have been abused, so he might consider them more like a hinder if anything else. After all, these qualities led him to compete for markings.​

He can feel intensely conflicted about himself, especially about running away, a habit he has when he is overwhelmed by emotions, or by a triggering situation, or when he feels exposed. In these moments he usually drinks himself into oblivion, alone preferably. He would never allow himself to become addicted to any kind of substance, so he when he starts drinking, he uses it as a last resort, hoping he will pass out before being sick. The numerous changes operating inside him are disconcerting they require more energy and some time to be alone, meanwhile adjusting to substantial changes is easier. That’s probably the reason of his intense reactions, based on the depth of his emotions shifting.​

In truth, he tries to cope with his conditioning and his training that turned him into a living weapon, worried that he might never be able to overcome this aspect of himself.​

From slavery to freedom, Fenris went through many ordeals that still affect his current life.​
His most significant experiences came as following:​

From Leto to Fenris: He doesn’t remember this period of his life, but that’s where he was raised into a slave into Castellum Tenebris House, where he was taught how to submit and behave. Some parts of this education still remains in parts of his mind, or in some of his attitude, mostly unconscious. There are also remnants as Leto in his devotion and loyalty, that would counterbalance his tendency to be observant and making some astute comments about masters. Apparently he bore the hope of delivering his family from the burden of slavery, idealizing freedom without comprehending its meaning or that slavery could be a choice of survival in the Imperium.​

Therefore when the time to compete for Danarius’ boon comes, he is so focused on freeing his family, that he doesn’t pay attention to the real cost of it all. He tells his mother about his intentions the evening before the day of the competition, and she tries to convince him to renounce it. Obviously he doesn’t. Fighting in the arena proves to be far more challenging than he could have imagined. He is advantaged by his size, his light weight and swiftness, but most of all, every rival seems to underestimate him. On the other hand, he didn’t receive a warrior education, he is no fighting slave. He had learnt some basics from one of those former fighters, who became a slave in Danarius’ House after he suffered from a deep wound. However these few lessons didn’t make him an accomplished warrior.​

And it clearly shows that he lacks technique and experience, no one bets on him. But each times he receives a blow or a wound, it triggers even more ferocity and his resolve to fight back. He endures pain by baring his teeth and provoking his opponents. Taunting them until they commit a fatal mistake, it is apparent that in the most difficult situation he keeps learning from each battle, instead of weakening. His fighting spirit is remarkable, soon enough it is noticed and acknowledged when he is victorious. In a terrible shape but victorious nonetheless, and in this state he presents his request to his Master.​
Unfortunately he never had the chance to wish farewell to his mother and sister, for he passed out as soon as he heard his wish was granted.​

Little wolf: This period is not one Fenris speaks about, for he feels conflicted about it… The loss of his memories with only his Master as a reference to guide him, his need to seek his praise, how this mage became the only world he knew about for a long time. Danarius took advantage of his predicament, and insured he understood his place as a slave. The Magister used every aspects of Fenris’ character to serve his purposes, starting with gratefulness for what he turned him into. A weapon.​
The harsher the treatments and training, the higher he believed it was for the sake of his Master, and would allow it to happen. He never questioned his new name, and even worked hard to deserve it. Danarius even maneuvered to appear as a shelter when his apprentice would torment the warrior. The mage would not tolerate failure in the use of his abilities, and made sure his slave knew he still had to prove himself worthy of wearing them, no matter how painful it might be. Soon, Danarius’ pride became Fenris’, who was thoroughly convinced of how special he was from other slaves, and special to his Master.​

On rare occasions Danarius even allowed himself being amused by his pet’s semblance of wit, to a certain measure. Lessons very instructive for Fenris in the use of subtlety and the thin line between insolence and acceptable relevant remark. The same could be said about display of adequate emotions, no disagreement tolerated, even when he was ordered to bear the complete chains outfit. Even when he was expected to show gratitude to be subjected to his master’s guest envy and admiration. A Magister’s expectations reaching heights that Fenris, in his perfectionism, attempted to reach, even if it meant being crushed by them. He gave everything as expected, but Danarius made sure he rewarded him to maintain him in the illusion of being favored. Perhaps the mage was attached in his own twisted obsessed way to his slave who managed to even guess his next orders without him speaking. Nothing is certain, though it would be fair to assume that Fenris was the embodiment of years of work and researches.​

The Fog warriors: And it lasted for years, until reality broke this illusion when Danarius had to leave him to fend for himself in Seheron. No guidance anymore, no hold on him, and he fought for his life, image of his Master leaving him burnt in his mind. A terrible sorrow, that Fenris still calls a purge from a poisonous addiction, assaulted him at the moment. Even when the Fog warriors found him raving from a fever, mumbling inane sentences while standing, leaning on his sword. They recognized Tevene language but they also guessed his condition as a slave elf.​

Two weeks in their mist made him cease to long for his Master’s or anyone’s commands, to mourn for his past life. There was hope for him they said, they had seen it when they had found him still on a fighting stance in spite of his state. He was slowly adjusting to this new life, listening to stories and legends told by the Fog Dancer, comforted him, it also helped him to learn their language. They distracted him by teaching him how to fish first, then to hunt. Only when he decided to, he expressed his wish to practice the sword with them. That’s where they taught him their way to ambush enemies, using fog, focus through meditation, stealth and swiftness. He thrived in this new social structure, his skills were welcomed and appreciated. It didn’t last.​

Another part very difficult for Fenris to face, a shame he might never part from. He never thought his Master would come back to fetch him… And if he didn’t have enough courage to say it out loud, his fellows warriors stated his thoughts. No he wasn’t going back to his old life as a slave. That’s the reason why Fenris is still confused about raising and turning his sword back at his newfound friends… If he had lived longer in their company, perhaps his conditioning wouldn’t have influenced him. Or his thoughts of not coming back, had been thoughts, not yet turned into resolve or genuine will ? The result of his betrayal laid bare in front of his eyes, and Danarius acting casually, as if this was normal, and expected, even praised him… It was too much for him to bear, a wave of misery overwhelmed him while his eyes remained dry. To escape he needed all of his wits, but his heart howled in utter grief.​

Stray : Once he fled, he barely had time to rejoice in his newfound freedom, guilt threatened to bring him into insanity borders, and he was being hunted down. In these dark hours, he lived like a lone wolf, avoiding people and despising alienages. The first time he saw city elves was a shock. These were free and they behaved like slaves, parking themselves in a sordid place called alienage, because mere humans placed them there… His ignorance of the world reminded him of Danarius’ clutches on his mind. The Magister had definitely shaped him to his will.​

He heard about the Dalish but couldn’t picture himself with them, moreover it would be dangerous for him to join any clan with a price on his branded skin. Unable to find or claim a place of his own in this world still unsettle him. Therefore he narrowed the possibilities as killing Danarius and then he would give more thoughts about it.​

Kirkwall’s landing: How fitting for such a city to receive his grief as well as the place where he intended to end his tormentors. After moving from one place to another, always chased by bounty hunters, he grew tired of this little game, and he wasn’t fond of being a prey. Conscious of the risk and his low chances to fight Danarius alone… he ended up joining a band of misfits lead by a Ferelden named Hawke. One thing for sure, this Hawke had an affair with troubles, the elf was certain to never get bored and would earn his fair share of coins while waiting for his sworn enemies to appear.​

It’s the first time he will stay so long in one place, apparently being one of Hawke’s companion provides its perks. Though he is still on an alert stance, there are times when ghosts from the past will haunt him, guilt will try to assault him… He never really could take the time to mourn for the many losses he suffered during his past life… And now that he can, sometimes everything is coming back to him tenfold. Fortunately being part of Hawke’s band and joining them in card’s plays, prove to be a healthy distraction. Something new to him, social contacts, exploring new sides of himself, fighting as a team. Ironically Kirkwall, former city for slave trade, is the place where he will learn to own himself in freedom, and where he will improve this notion of liberty.​

Timeline: DA:O/DA 2 Post DA: I

Backstory Update Summary:

New Specializations: Based on RP during DA: 2 through post DA: I

Non-Combat Skills: Based on RP during DA: 2 through post DA: I

Combat Skills: Based on RP during DA: 2 through post DA: I
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