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Adelaide Orland

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Adelaide Orland

DAO/DA2 Timeline
Name: Adelaide Orland

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 22nd Harvestmere 9:17

Occupation: Youngest heir of the Orland line.

Companion(s): A brown ferret named Ilya.

Addie’s hair is a soft blonde that can appear brown in dim light. Quick thick and wavy, it is usually left loose with two braids on either side connecting at the back or in a single plait coiled on the back of her head. Her eyes are large, blue-grey, and gently trusting. She has a sweet face, with dimples she knows how to use to her advantage. A little makeup, never more than is seemly for a noblewoman of her young age, is usually applied to her eyes and cheekbones. A tiny scar on her chin is a reminder of a childhood fall.

Class: Civilian

Specialization: None

Weapons & Armor:

Addie has had just enough training with a shortbow to be suitable for a young lady; she owns one made of yew. She’s also had a little training with her fists that her parents don’t know about, and carries a steel stiletto strapped to the inside of her left wrist. Just in case.


Common (both)

Orlesian (both)

Antivan (both)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Diplomacy, Dancing

Expert: Cultural Lore (Marcher, Orlais), Religious Lore, Historical Lore (Marcher, Orlais), Etiquette (Orlais, Marcher)

Intermediate: Bargaining, Calligraphy, Cartography, Evaluation, Heraldry (Marcher, Orlais, Fereldan), Linguistics, Military Lore, , Riding, , Writing

Novice: Engineering, Hunting, Draftsmanship, Stealth

Combat Skills:

Light Armour

Master: -

Expert: Bows

Intermediate: Single Weapon, Unarmed

Novice: -

Adelaide is a sharp young woman who hides her smarts behind a façade of meek compliance with the wishes of her parents. She has learned how to use gentle suggestion to get her way, or at least to gain concessions when having to do something she doesn’t want to. She’s aware that she’s sitting in a nest of vipers, and consequentially tends to be friendly in a polite manner that doesn’t give anything away until she’s certain of the character of the person she’s talking with. However, having survived this situation as long as she has, she is a touch over-confident and assumes that when she has the resources to break away, she’ll do just fine.

She was deeply hurt by the loss of her brother Edwin, and feels the rejection of her other brother and distant attitudes of her parents keenly. She wants to be better than all of them; be kinder, more generous, more loving. But for now she plays their game as best she can, although on occasion she will find outlets for her frustration when she knows it is safe to do so. She also has fears for the future, and the plans she knows her father is likely making for her and nobles he considers suitable; her predilections mean he is unlikely to find somebody she could love.

Adelaide Orland is the only daughter of Barrett and Madalen Orland, preceded by two sons: Rupert Edwin and Sterling. Her earliest memories are happy ones; her brother Edwin spent a great deal of time with her, playing with and teaching her with the assistance of various servants around the estate. A bright, blonde and bonny child, Adelaide was an easy child to adore, and was consequently used to being fussed over. She also took well to her early studies in history, geography and languages, displaying an interest in the world outside their estate and city.

However, as she grew, she also began to notice that neither her parents nor Sterling seemed to particularly care for her. Conceiving this to be her own fault for not shining brilliantly in everything she did, Adelaide pushed herself hard in her lessons, and succeeded in earning praise from her tutors – although only the occasional compliment from her intended targets. She might have given up trying were it not for Edwin, who doted on her and took the time to make sure she was learning life skills not covered in her formal lessons. From him, the servants, various sympathetic guards and cooks, she gathered knowledge of how to defend and take care of herself, although it has yet to be needed.

As Edwin’s idealism grew, so did Adelaide’s; she was less exposed to the troubles of the people living on Orland land, but she heard of it second-hand and idolised her brother for trying to help. In her eyes, he could do no wrong. Adding that to the fact that he was the only person Adelaide truly trusted, it was all the more devastating when he was sent to Starkhaven, and then reports of his death came in.

Adelaide spent a week hiding in her rooms, mourning him, horrified by the lack of grief displayed by anybody else in their family. She had already realised that her official lessons were less for her own benefit than to make her more valuable as a match, and with Edwin gone she felt as though she had lost her only ally. Only when Sterling was sent in to give her a stern lecture did she emerge, and when she did, she had already assembled her mask. At only thirteen, she was already learning how to hide her true feelings.

Since then she has applied herself to her studies with the same rigour as before, and stayed out of her family’s way as much as possible without it being noticed. She still has illicit training sessions with various guards and servants, determined to make herself as independent as possible. Her father controls all her money, and doesn’t even let her go out to purchase anything without a servant nearby to keep a close eye on the coin; Adelaide assumes this is so the money can be used to make her even more appealing as a match. She pretends to take no issue with this, but she does go out of her way to subtly undermine his attempts at controlling her. So far she has managed to dissuade him from two potential suitors for her, although she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep pulling the same trick.

With the help of one of her handmaidens, Ria, Adelaide is planning her escape. Although widely read she is naïve in practical experience of the world, and assumes that once she gets away from her father’s influence she can make it on her own; so far she has gathered some money through getting Ria to sell some of her embroidery on her behalf, and has a vague notion of using that as a source of income once she’s free. She’s also been teaching herself architecture and design from books, and is hoping to make something of that eventually as well.
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