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Circle Glower [Closed]

Nathaniel Howe

Warden Commander of Ferelden
Canon Character
Grey Warden
Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline
((OOC: Harvestmere 24, 9:35, Afternoon, Alistair Theirin ))

The last time Nathaniel visited the King on Grey Warden business at the Palace had been to discuss warden phylacteries. Alistair took it upon himself to procure what the Chantry had no right to possess but held onto all the same. While appreciative to have the phylacteries in his possession so that he could give them (or Cauthrien as the case was for some) the proper owner, Nathaniel felt Alistair out of line in stepping in as he had.

Alistair had not asked to become King but never ask for the duty imposed upon them. Nathaniel had certainly not asked for his. Aedan saw to placing such responsibilities firmly upon Nathaniel’s shoulders. Alistair was King and along with that title came other changes.

Nathaniel was not surprised to hear from Cauthrien that Alistair showed up at the Arl of Denerim’s ready to battle darkspawn with the Grey Wardens. He was also equally unsurprised to discover Cauthrien respectfully declined his assistance.

Alistair's blood pulled him in two directions. On one side was the taint, always pressing. On the other side was his Theirin blood, a royal line of such importance to Fereldans there was little choice but to crown Alistair. In a battle between the two, the calling of one was far stronger than the other and Alistair seemed to struggle with this reality. He could not both Grey Warden and King be.

Nathaniel had hoped when they initially set up check-ins with Alistair that the sharing of information might appease the very evident need the King had to be involved in some manner with the Grey Wardens. Let him be aware of what they were doing, within reason, so that they had his continued support. In the great span of history, the Grey Wardens were only recently allowed back into Ferelden and Nathaniel did not wish them banished once more.

In the light of recent events, perhaps such check-ins, at least at their current cadence, had been a mistake. Nathaniel doubted other Warden-Commanders had such meetings with the head of state in their countries. Not even in the Anderfels did the First Warden entertain the King with recent updates. Granted, the situation in Ferelden was unique to other countries in Thedas. No other country had an Grey Warden as monarch. A continued delicate touch would be needed by both Cauthrien and Nathaniel, a task, thankfully, both were equipped to handle.

Further complicating matters was Nathaniel’s like for the man. Things would have been far easier if he found Alistair insufferable. But he did not. At times, he could even forget Alistair was the King.


Alistair was the King, though, and nothing shy of his death would change that now.

In an effort to continue the careful dance between Warden-Commander and King, Nathaniel, wearing his formal commander’s armor, made his way to the palace to inform Alistair about the recent trip to the Circle Tower. The Chantry would, if they had not already, inform him of what transpired there. Nathaniel did not require the King’s assistance in dealing with the consequences and he needed to make that known.