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Elunara Nebris


Orlesian Grump Elf
DAO/DA2 Timeline

Elunara Nebris



Date of Birth:
1 August 9:08

Mercenary on most days. Anything that will pay a bit of coin to an elf she is willing to give a shot. Very good with a needle and thread as well as her blades.


Wheat in coloration, it hangs past her shoulders to just above the middle of her back in uneven layers; due to trimming it herself. Sometimes a front section is hastily braided when she wishes to feel particularly fancy. In a situation that calls for fighting, Elunara will hastily throw it up into a pony, if a tie is readily available.

Large, light blue eyes with the typical elven sheen to them. The color pops a little more due to her darker skin.

Short, tan and well built for quick maneuvers makes Ara particularly good at the rogue lifestyle. The only thing to really give her away while lurking in the shadows is her rather light hair, bleached out more from plenty of time out in the sun, though she tends to find lurking a bit too boring. Freckles dot her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose, along with the tops of her shoulders. As far as a general body shape, she has the muscle to back up her style of life; her arms and torso defined and toned through years of wielding blades while her legs are conditioned for quick movements. However, she believes she lacks the “feminine” touch to her own body; any curves she has are small and at least to her, unnoticeable.

The bottoms of her feet are blackened and tough from years of not wearing any sort of shoes. Her excuse being that the things make her “too damn clumsy”. However, in colder months she makes do with a pair of boots. A salve or wrapping them is sometimes needed if it becomes too dry or too cold as cracking in the skin can occur; something she deals with when the time comes, but can be a large weakness.

A hairline scar runs along the length of her jaw on the left, a close call from a dagger meant for her throat. Other nicks and scars speckle her hands from various knife/dagger play and she’s lost count of the ones that spot her here and there, though not all from fighting; some from rough housing and some from traveling.



Weapons & Armor:
Weapons: Veridium Dar'Misu and a Veridium dagger named 'Fang' that was gifted to her. She also carries around a small steel knife, the blade chipped and long beyond the help of repair.

Usual Garments/Armor:
Light armor in a more dalish style with a few tweaks of her own; worn leather protects her top, though her arms are a bit exposed. Her legs usually have some sort of protection, be it short cloth pants or a more stylized leather tooled design of her own choice; either way something for easy movement. A bit of loose cloth turns her pants into a more feminine design, her patience with sewing adding a flourish in said material via stitching. It never hangs past her knees however.

Leather pauldrons of a simple make rest on either shoulder and well worn but cared for fingerless leather gloves usually cover either hand. Her cape is only worn while traveling or when outside in colder conditions; feathered at the mantle from birds who have dropped them here and there over the years and a thicker length of material that has been in her possession since her time in Orlais.

Cloth boots are only worn during winter or colder weather. Anytime outside of where she’s staying she can usually be seen hauling around a medium sized satchel and bedroll. Her usual color scheme consists of tans and browns.

Any other garments worn are similar to what she would wear in armor, just sans any leather protection.

Fluent in Orlesian and Common both but can not read or write in either.
Limited knowledge of spoken Elvish.
Non-Combat Skills:
Novice: Coercion, Bargaining, Navigation, Swimming
Intermediate: Climbing, Cooking, Hunting, Leather working, Running, Streetwise - Denerim
Expert: Ambidextrous, Traps, Embroidery
Master: Acrobatics

Combat Skills:
Novice: Dueling Form, Upset Balance
Intermediate: Riposte, Cutting Barbs
Expert: Pinpoint Strike, Evasive Maneuvers, Unarmed combat, Single weapon
Master: Dual Weapons

Elunara wears her emotions more often than not right out in the open. If she has an opinion she will most likely state it even when she probably shouldn't. Such times have often gotten her into trouble and have earned her a few of the scars she now wears. In the company of a shemlen, she has at least, for the most part, learned to mumble her opinions rather than get in their face, though if pressed she is not afraid to pick a fight.

A take charge personality usually guides her and even when she doesn't know entirely what she’s doing at the time she will more often than not pretend she does. Stubborn and sarcastic can be terms to describe her, though it’s mostly a surface appearance she likes to keep. While getting to know her can be a bit of a challenge, once you crack through the crap, the woman can be a good time and a creature of loyalty. Her distrust of humans however will make it harder for one to greet her let alone befriend her.

She has a bit of a thick skull when it comes to flirting. She's honestly not very good at it and should someone show interest in her it's most likely to go right over her head.

9:08 Dragon - 9:18 Dragon: The beginning(Age:0-10)

It was in Halamshiral that Elunara Nebris was born; her mother and father both servants to a noble Lord and Lady of little status in the high quarter; Monsieur Esteban and Madame Amélie. It was no secret that Amélie was a sicklier woman and was for the most part bed-ridden. It also was no secret that Esteban fancied elven women in his own bed to take up the roll his wife could not fulfill. Such fancies lead ultimately to the framing of her father and his immediate execution; Elunara’s mother, only a day later, became the Lord’s new mistress. Elunara was only four at the time.

It was around this time that she began to learn the art of sewing and embroidery, along with the expectation that she carry herself in the proper way of a servant girl; especially that of an elf. Silently, quickly and elegantly. She must not embarrass the house name but always be available when needed. Language was also taught and learning common tongue/King's Tongue was a must should she be told to go to the market to fetch something.

At the age of ten was when her world flipped upside down; awoken in the dead of night to her mother’s frantic whispers to flee. There would be no more life for her here, the Lord, bored with his mistress toy, had found a younger and newer elf to take her mother’s place. By morning her mother would most likely be dead; some excuse made and no one would bat an eyelash any more than they had with her father. One gold piece, along with the amulet of ironbark her mother always wore, was pressed into her palm before she was told to get out of the city.

Ignorant and young, she had waited; convinced that her mother would accompany her. It cost her however; the payment of such fanciful wishes earning her a front row seat to her mother getting cut down; her crime not even worth mentioning to anyone other than the guard who carried out the act.
Fleeing took her into the city. Two weeks later, the gold had earned her a small chipped dagger, a cloak and a few rations.

9:18 Dragon - 9:23 Dragon: Escape and Travel (Age: 10 - 15)

There was no plan for the ten year old elf girl who no longer wished to remain in this city; angry with everyone and especially angry at the humans who had caused her such pain and grief.

The dalish. There had always been tales of the Dalish and that was as much of a plan as any really. Surely however, Elunara would have been dead within a week had she not run into a man also on the run; sheer dumb luck getting her caught up in a bit of his mess. Khayryn Cason; or Ryn as she would come to know him.

The two more or less silently decided to become traveling companions; though her distrust of humans kept her at a distance the first two months; near enough to see him but never close enough for anyone else to get the idea that they were traveling together. It was only after a rather nasty storm that the two started opening up; or rather, Elunara began to trust him. Taking refuge together in an abandoned cave they were lucky enough to stumble on made for a long but at least dry night and finally some talking between the two of them.

She found out that he was five years older than she was; and had been kicked out of training as a scout for the guard, though he wouldn’t state his reasoning. Much later in their travels he would reveal that it was because he had been about to get a promotion...until someone unearthed that his father had been elven, making him elf-blooded. It had shamed him to the point of being cast out of the ranks entirely. Current plans had him wanting to travel to Ferelden, and the more he spoke of it that night, the more Elunara wished to see it herself. By morning, they had agreed to head South.

Over the course of the next five years, their friendship grew as well as Elunara’s skills; Ryn more than happy to share his knowledge of dual-wielding, setting traps and living off the land. With her new skills she became bolder in how she carried herself, finding her voice and learning not to be afraid to use it. Learning the art of dueling however was not something she would come to know until their accidental stumble into a dalish camp.

9:23 Dragon - 9:27 Dragon: The Dalish(Age: 15-19)

It seemed more like the Dalish had found them to be completely honest; the two of them awakening to arrows pointed in their faces and angry but also curious elven expressions on the faces of those who wielded them. At Elunara’s request, they took the both of them to their Keeper, who allowed Elunara to roam freely but the Shem would have to make camp outside of theirs. He obliged but clearly wasn’t keen on the idea of staying. In the end, Ryn stayed so long as Elunara was there.

Within the four years keeping with Clan Vinaleden, Elunara also learned from them. Large elven eyes already keen on noticing small details were trained to take in more and make her body move accordingly; seemingly able to slip out of grasp on a breath’s notice and take advantage of others clumsy movements. Applied to the dual-wield style she already had, the specialization of duelist formed, though she herself had no title for it.
It was within the camp that she also learned how to tool leather and mend it; the lessons a little more structured than the casual attempts from Ryn.

The Dalish also added fuel to the fire of her dislike and almost hatred of the human race, the injustice done to elves in the city. They taught her a little of the history they had come to know and find, wishing and wanting more for their people. However, this particular clan in the Brecilian Forest was far too small of any sort of number to do anything about their brothers and sisters in any city, and for the most part seemed to have their own troubles to contend with. Not to mention most seemed more set on finding more about their past rather than stepping into the future.

It was during their stay with the Dalish that Elunara grew into adulthood, and Khayryn took notice along with a few other Dalish lads. Any sort of flattery or advances on anyones part however were brushed off and discarded as nonsense. It was only when Elunara discovered drawings of herself, done by Khayryn, that she actually considered some light shed on the matter; his capturings of her portraying her in a very different way than she herself had ever considered. She reacted only as she knew how now when upset and unsure; with anger and threats. She ended up destroying most of them in the midst of a heated argument with Ryn and what started out as death threats and cold steel pressed against his flesh in anger ended up in a display of romance.

The following morning however earned her looks and whispers of disapproval from the clan. Sleeping with a shem, even an elf-blooded one, would only result in more shem and not more elves. Angry with them for passing any sort of judgment on her life when the were seemingly so stuck in the past, as well as being angry with herself, she decided to leave that afternoon; Ryn scrambling to pack up and leave with her.
Denerim. The newest destination.

9:27 Dragon - Late 9:29 Dragon: Denerim - The Alienage(Age: 19-21)

Starting out in Denerim was hard, considering they had been out in the wild lands the better part of their lives. Khayryn found employment quickly enough as a hire arm, though they were less pleased to accept Elunara among their ranks. Unfazed by their rejection, Elunara kept herself busy with helping out at a local tailoring shop, her stitching skills called into practice once more, though mostly to darn holes in the villagers clothes. Simple work but it kept food in her stomach. At night she still practiced with her blades in the privacy of the alienage, making a few friends along the way and teaching a few others as well.

Against the odds, the relationship built between Elunara and Khayryn stayed strong even in Denerim, and Elunara was a frequent visitor to the small rented room Ryn had earned. For the moment, life was sometimes trying but for all intents and purposes blissful and easy-going.

9:29 Dragon - 9:32 Dragon: The Blight(Age: 21-24)

How quickly things can change within a year. Whispers of a blight circled but were ultimately dismissed by most. Khayryn however involved himself in such matters rather deeply, and when more men and women were requested to the ranks for a battle in Ostagar he was ready to comply. His chance at something big; and the company he would work with would pay well. It left an uneasy feeling in the pit of Elunara’s stomach and she told him so, only to have him laugh and brush it off.

Mundane work and tasks kept her busy after his departure; a lot of it mercenary work. But her mind always skipped away from her when it could and wondered if he was alright. What was he doing? Where was he stationed? Finally that fateful day of information came; even in the alienage the news spread.

The battle at Ostagar had been lost. Betrayed by the Grey Wardens it seemed and only a few survivors. What were the chances that Ryn was one of them? Slim to none it seemed and she would wait for an entire year with no news from anyone.

By the time the actual blight was upon them, no one was prepared for it. Denerim quickly succumbed to chaos and death as fighting became mandatory. The home she had come to love, destroyed. Elunara did her part in the streets, facing a few darkspawn in order to help those fleeing and unable to fight.

It got worse before it got better, the hoard seeming to overtake the city and she was fairly certain that this was a battle lost; Denerim already looking worse for wear. A giant flash and outward explosion later proved her wrong, and the darkspawn retreated. Later she would learn it was the Hero of Ferelden who lit up the skies that night.

Her home destroyed for now, she took the the wilder areas outside of the city, setting up camp and going into town daily to help clean up the mess and aid those who suffered more than she. The rebuild of Denerim took place quickly enough, though the Alienage endured a slower recovery.

9:32 Dragon - 9:35 Dragon: The Now(Age: 24-27)

Three years passed in a blur; every bit of her free time taken up by helping those of the Alienage or on some odd job she happened to come across. Anything to take her mind off of the loss she was suffering and not addressing. There was no word on Khayryn and no one from the company he had left with had returned. She grieved for him through anger; pressing it upon foes she was hired to either threaten or kill. Her rage toward the human race grew all the more potent as she projected Ryn’s death on them. If he had just listened he would probably still be here and alive. A stupid human with stupid human ambitions.

It has only been recently that she's “woken” up a bit to the actual way the city worked, her career as a mercenary taking off at a faster pace than it had before. While it did not last long, she was hired as a partner for gathering items for a museum – the man owning said establishment the one to gift her 'Fang'.

Up until Justinian, she had lived in the Alienage with a family she had helped during the blight. A series of unfortunate events lead to Aron, the young son of Laranni, to defend their home the only way he knew how - with magic. Ice destroyed her home as well as the lives of several of the elves Elunara lived with though she managed to save Aron. He has since been sent to the circle and she does her best to send him things to try to keep in touch.

It was a logical move to pack up and leave shortly after such happenings – Kirkwall being just as good of a place as any.
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