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Inquisitor: Sati Adaar

Sati Adaar

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Name: Sati Adaar

Race: Qunari

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 9:03 Dragon

Occupation: Inquisitor, former mercenary

Companion(s): N/A

Sati is a tall and muscular woman, who usually dresses fairly plainly. Her one concession to accessory is her bronze-tipped horns which arch back from her head, but even this is a practical guard against one snapping during a battle. Her hair is white and falls to her mid-back; it is almost always in a thick plait. A diagonal scar cleaves her face from left to right, and she has a few other remnants of various battles scattered across her skin. Her eyes are violet, and her expression usually serious, not giving much away about what she’s thinking.

Her left arm is missing from the elbow down. In its place is a steel prosthetic, designed in such a way that it helps her balance her shield and can be used to support a bow. Sati never takes it off around others.

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Champion

Weapons & Armor: Sati is skilled with a longbow, but habitually carries a Silverite bastard sword, The Ruin, and carries a shield. When heading out on a mission she will typically wear Inquisition-branded steel battlemaster mail, which she finds gives her greater freedom of movement than most heavy plates. Sati previously preferred greatswords, but has had to adapt her fighting style around the recent loss of her arm.


Common: Fluent (both)

Qunlat (spoken, intermediate)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Leadership, Might, Military Lore, Coercion, Stamina

Expert: Bargaining, Tracking, Hunting, Wilderness Survival

Intermediate: Healing, Running

Novice: Cultural Lore (Qunari), Musical Lore, Cartography, Natural Lore, Fletcher

Combat Skills:

Heavy armour.

Master: To the Death, Walking Fortress, Weapon and Shield

Expert: Motivate, Adamant, Bows

Intermediate: Rally, Resilience, Daggers, Two-Handed Weapons

Novice: War Cry, Line in the Sand

Sati is a reserved individual, who prefers to observe a situation and make a measured judgement in response to it if she has leisure to do so. However, she is a quick tactical thinker, and can make good snap decisions if she has to. She believes in leading by example, putting herself in the same danger as she expects others to, and prefers non-violent solutions where they can be found. Acts of wanton cruelty, however, will stir her to a rage, and she administers harsh punishment to those who endanger others through carelessness.

She enjoys being kind in a quiet fashion, preferring to make small gestures of comfort or support rather than anything grand. She did enjoy the authority lent to her by the title of Inquisitor, but not the reasons for it, and prefers that people refer to her simply by name these days.

Sati was born in the Free Marches in 9:03 Dragon, second child to Tal-Vashoth parents who fled Par Vollen long before she was conceived. Her older brother disappeared when she was three, and her parents accordingly taught her to temper everything she did with caution. It wasn’t until many years later she realised he had probably been killed, but the sombre atmosphere pervaded her childhood regardless. That plus the occasional abuse her family received for what they were, shaped Sati into a solemn, quiet child.

Her younger years were spent on the move. Her father earned their living primarily through hunting, and taught Sati how to use a bow; her mother occasionally joined them, but spent most of her time learning and sharing songs for coin. She taught vocal technique to Sati, who has a pleasant voice and enjoys singing although she rarely indulges in front of other people.

Sati enjoyed hunting with her father, but decided she wanted to develop her abilities with a range of weapons. At the age of ten she approached a small-time Starkhaven knight she saw at a tourney and asked him to teach her his skills; flattered by the attention, and also by the thought of the reputation he would get for having a qunari who answered to his whims, Ser Lehmann agreed. After some negotiation with her parents, Sati was given over to his care.

To his credit, Ser Lehmann took his responsibility to her seriously. Sati was trained in a variety of weapons, and showed a proficiency for the two-handed blade which delighted her mentor. He also taught her what he knew of martial tactics, both as an individual and when deploying a unit of soldiers. Sati respected him, and although scurrilous whispers formed around the strange young hornhead who Lehmann had brought back with him, their relationship never exceeded that of uncle and favoured niece.

Lehmann’s intentions were to eventually set her up as a subordinate to him; however, his favouritism of Sati finally cost him dear. During a heated conversation in which Lehmann was confronted by an offended squire, he was mortally stabbed. His killer was quickly hanged and the situation hushed up, but Sati was asked to leave so she didn’t cause further problems. She was seventeen, and on her own.

After a failed attempt to find her parents, Sati joined up with the first mercenary company who could offer her a reasonable level of pay and the occasional bed to sleep in. By sheer luck, this ended up being the Valo-Kas, a group of Tal-Vashoth mercenaries. Armed with her skills as both a warrior and a tactician, Sati swiftly earned the respect of her colleagues. By her early twenties, she was heading up large contracts for the group, and was considered a good commander. She also continued to hone her skills, eventually learning how to use her strength to act as a wall between the enemy and those under her command.

In 9:41 Dragon, the Valo-Kas were amongst various mercenary groups that had been brought in to provide neutral security at the Conclave. An explosion killed most of those present, and Sati survived simply because she had gone to walk the perimeter. When she came to, she was accused of the murder of hundreds, and with a glowing green mark branded into her skin. After closing a series of large rifts, she was also alarmed to find people referring to her as Herald of Andraste.

For the most part, Sati served as Inquisitor by getting herself as involved as possible in the day-to-day, and tried her best to make decisions that would serve the majority of their followers. Being thrown into the future at Redcliffe removed from her any sympathy for the enemy, and she was known to occasionally hand down harsh punishment. Nonetheless she was kind frequently enough to win the affections of softer-hearted members of the Inquisition.

The events of the Inquisition’s most recent brush with danger left Sati maimed, missing her left arm from the elbow down. She’s had a prosthetic made and is currently learning how to fight again with it, while still attending to the duties required from running the organisation; she knows she still has a lot of work to do if the Inquisition is to remain a force for good.

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