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Letting Slip The Dogs Of Shenanigans [Closed]

Celeste Monroe

Shenaniginstigator In Chief
DAO/DA2 Timeline
((29 Haring, 9:35; Evening; Hightown; Joscelyn Hawke , Adelaide Orland ))

It was exactly as Kalindra had described: the brute squad spread out on the ground, stomping around menacingly and rushing to investigate whenever a bird rustled in the shrubs, and not a single sodding eye directed past head level.

Not that Celeste was complaining, mind you. Stupid opponents were a gift from the Maker, but stupid opponents could still kill. She wasn’t worried for herself and Josc, or even for Addie. If everything went according to plan, they would have the girl out of there and back at Lady Hawke’s mansion before anyone realized she was even out of her room. But if things went according to plan, the brute squad would be chasing Nicolette and Edwin, and that prospect worried Celeste a bit more than she was used to.

Still, Varric had his people spread around the place, and most of the crew was hovering, as well, ready to step in if things got pear-shaped … and quite possibly even if they didn’t. Sterling’s Really Bad Night at the Hanged Man had raised the bar for shenanigans, and with this likely to be the last caper in Kirkwall for a good while, everybody wanted a piece, and everybody wanted to make it memorable. With that much potential mayhem, it should be no trouble at all for Nico to get herself clear of any fighting that broke out.

Which meant that Celeste really needed to get her head back into her part of this scheme: getting Addie out and digging up the kind of dirt that would take Barrett and Sterling out of play permanently. And if she got the chance to use any of the party favors that she had loaded the pockets of her vest with, damn right she’d take advantage of it.

From her vantage point in the shadows of a chimney on the roof of a neighboring mansion, Celeste took the lay of the land. The trellis beneath Addie’s window had been removed, but others along the side of the house remained untouched. Which meant that Barrett felt fairly confident that he had secured his daughter in her room, and he thought that her sneaking out was the extent of what he had to be on guard against.


Her eyes flickered from the light in Addie’s window along the line of darkened rooms on the second floor, mentally reviewing the layout that Edwin had described. No sign of him yet, and she hadn’t seen Nico since the minstrel had kissed her goodbye an hour or so earlier. That didn’t worry her; if she couldn’t see them, then the morons below definitely couldn’t.

Abandoning her perch, she slipped down into the narrow alley between the two estates and settled into the shadows to wait for Josc.

Joscelyn Hawke

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Canon Character
Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline
She went over what she was bringing with her at least twelve times. Algernon had been running circles around the room thinking he was going to be able to go out with her tonight. She finally asked Bodahn to take him out for a walk right before she was about to leave.

Just daggers tonight. Her sword would be unwieldy for the kind of work they were doing tonight. She put on her darkest leathers, still protective but also rather plain and easier to blend in. Finally, she did her last check and made her way out the door.

Everyone in the house was made aware that Adelaide would be making an extended stay at the Hawke residence tonight. Her mother had taken special care with fixing up a room just for her, and additional security measures were discussed and would be implemented by the morning.

Only people she knew she could trust would be running guard duty on the house, mostly in plainsclothes to not draw attention to the increased number of people milling about.

She casually made her way out into the street, acting like nothing was different than any of her other nightly strolls. She took the long way to the alley she would be meeting Celeste at, making sure it looked as if she was making her way to Lowtown for her nightly Hanged Man jaunt. She cut through alleys once she was out of obvious eyesight, and eventually made it to the alley that she and Celeste had agreed upon.

She settled into the shadows herself, confident her friend was there even if she couldn’t see her. Her voice was low when she spoke, barely audible, “Any sign of our girl?

She highly doubted Adelaide would have access to her balcony even if they had removed the means of her normal escape. But even a glimpse of her through a window would have been nice to know. She wondered if the occupants of the Orland Estate could feel the building storm that was beginning to close in on them.

Signal should come soon, yeah?” She knew it would, but she was filled with nerves, and had to fill the waiting space with something.

This had all the potential to go either terribly good, or disastrously bad. And with Hawke’s luck, the latter felt more likely, no matter how much planning they had put in.

Celeste Monroe

Shenaniginstigator In Chief
DAO/DA2 Timeline
Celeste didn’t have long to wait before Josc slipped into the alley, a shadow among shadows. “Any sign of our girl?” she murmured as she stilled, her eyes on the house and Addie’s window on the second floor.

“Nothing yet.” Celeste shifted out of her place of concealment and joined her friend. A light shone behind the curtains, but Addie had not pushed them aside to peer out. Likely, she had been forbidden from approaching the window, the edict enforced by the watching guards below. There were two of them on the ground beneath, their indolent posture suggesting both a lack of training and a lack of urgency. “There.” A shadow behind the curtains and the faintest shift as the fabric at the window’s edge was nudged back enough to allow the room’s occupant to peer out. No way that she could see into the alley and her soon to be rescuers in the shadows, but she could definitely see the two trolls at their post, and the curtains twitched back into place and stilled as one of the pair looked up, scratching lazily at the crack of his ass.

“He hasn’t moved her.” It had been a possibility - though only a slight one - that would have made things a lot trickier. Normally that was a challenge that Celeste relished, but too much was at stake here. Get in, get Addie, get the evidence, get out.

“We’ll go in there.” She pointed to the last in the row of darkened windows on the second floor. Edwin had said that all of the other chambers on that side were guest rooms that were seldom occupied; entering the one furthest from Addie would reduce the possibility of any guards stationed in the hall outside her door hearing them.

“Signal should come soon, yeah?”

Celeste nodded. “We’ll know it.” Edwin was in no mood to do anything by halves, and Nicolette was a consummate performer; whatever distraction they devised was not going to be subtle. Hopefully it would be enough to draw the Troll Twins away, but Celeste had a few surprises of her own handy if it didn't. She glanced sideways at her companion. The coiled energy emanating from Lady Hawke was something new, but she understood quite well the worry that was gnawing at the other woman. “We’ll get her out,” she promised. It was long past time for Addie to break free of her gilded cage and start living, and that was more than worth some risk.