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Nicolette O'Hara

Nicolette O'Hara

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DAO/DA2 Timeline

Name: Nicolette Ealisay O’Hara.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Summerday, 9:07 Dragon

Occupation: Travelling minstrel, storyteller, dancer, occasional mage underground agent

Companion(s): Thibault, an enormous shaggy grey wolfhound. He likes to make friends with cats, which doesn’t always end well. He is protective of his mistress but that doesn’t put him above snaffling food off market stalls when she’s not paying attention.

Nicolette has waist length dark brown hair, usually woven back in a plait. She fiddles with it when she’s daydreaming. Her eyes are amber, frequently highlighted with kohl, and turned up slightly at the corners, giving her the impression of somebody who smiles a great deal. Her years of performing and travelling have given her good posture and a lean form, although a dedicated love of sweet pastries has prevented her from becoming skinny. Due to Rivaini ancestry on her mother’s side and a lot of travelling in the sun, her skin is copper toned. She speaks with a soft Orlesian accent. She wears accenting earrings when she can afford to, and has a single burn scar on the inside of her left wrist. Her fingers are noticeably long.

She loves her performing dresses, which for ease of carrying she has only four; in blue, rose pink, purple and ochre-yellow. She likes to add some more colour when she can by threading flowers into her hair, or bright scarves. She frequently has an anklet with bells on it which tends to announce her presence before she comes into view.

Class: Rogue.

Specialization: None.

Weapons & Armor:
Nicolette owns a set of basic leathers which are only worn when she is travelling alone on the road, or when pressed into training. She has an ash bow which is used for hunting when she cannot avoid it, and two steel daggers with the Edgewater sigil on the pommels.

Languages: Common (both) Orlesian (Both) Nevarran (some – both) Antivan (some – both)

Non-Combat Skills:
Master: Musical lore, Performance
Expert: Coercion, Hearing, Running, Writing, Dancing,
Intermediate: Bargaining, Gambling, Navigation, Swimming, Acrobatics
Novice: Healing, Tailoring, Stealth

Combat Skills:
Expert: Bow (shortbow)
Intermediate: Unarmed Combat
Novice: Dual weapons (daggers)

Nicolette is a happy sort, although can be easily put out if she feels snubbed. She tries to avoid trouble but a naturally inquisitive nature sometimes lands her in it regardless. She spends a great deal of time daydreaming, writing stories or making up new music in her head, and can be completely oblivious to what is happening around her. She likes the notion of romantic love, but thus far has mostly stuck to brief dalliances on her travels. She vaguely follows the Rivaini beliefs of the Natural Order.

More than anything, Nicolette loves music. She will follow the sound of somebody singing or playing a good tune in the hopes of finding the source and thinks nothing of starting to dance to it if it fits. She is also an avid reader and will try to get her hands on new material whenever she can. Nicolette dotes on Thibault and he follows her everywhere.

She is not especially brave in combat situations and prefers to run away, although she has been trying to work on this.

During the last days of the Orlesian occupation, Nicolette’s father was a soldier with the Ferelden resistance. He met her mother, when she sang in a tavern in Amaranthine; it was love at first sight, but as she was from Orlais he could not rightfully fraternise with her. Richard promptly deserted, proposed to Clarice, and the two of them took a ship bound for Val Chevin. It was there Nicolette was born, and Clarice loved to tell her daughter of their daring escape from Amaranthine; Nicolette now knows there were considerable embellishments to the tale, but nonetheless, it sparked a love of stories for her. Richard worked for a local blacksmith and Clarice continued singing, eventually encouraging Nicolette to start learning as well. Nicolette's native tongue is Orlesian, but her father also taught her Ferelden. Clarice, while identifying as Orlesian, is also half-Rivaini, and taught Nicolette the basics of that language as well.

The memories of her childhood years in Val Chevin are amongst Nicolette’s favourites. As well as the enjoyment of playing music and learning tales at her mother’s knee,, she spent a great deal of time swimming in the docks around the large ships, much to the collective fright of her friends.

When Nicolette was twelve, Richard died of pneumonia. Clarice, grief-stricken, was unable to deal with living in Val Chevin anymore, and so they packed up what they could and began the life of wandering minstrels. Nicolette attributes her ability to deal with stage fright to those days – if you can play with fingers that are numb with cold, and your heart is heavy with grief, a little shivering won’t stop you.

They spent a fair amount of time moving around Orlais, and Nicolette grew accustomed to the transient lifestyle – to the point that she got twitchy if they spent more than a month in any one place. They usually travelled with others, from whom Nicolette gathered stories and legends, as well as a few unsporting self-defence moves; one Rivani companion was noteworthy when he introduced her to the concept of the Natural Order, as well as teaching her a little skill with blades. He also taught her a little more Rivaini than her mother had. Their wanderings have also taken them over the border to Nevarra. The beauty of the place was such that they spent two years there before returning, although as they travelled with a Nevarran for most of the time Nicolette only picked up a smattering of the language.

The Nevarran, Saul, became more important than predicted when they first began their travels with him; by the time Nicolette was twenty, Saul and Clarice had fallen in love. Shortly after their wedding Clarice was amazed to discover that she was pregnant. The couple settled down in Val Royeaux and Nicolette stayed with them to help throughout the pregnancy; she now has a younger brother called Michel. Shortly after the birth, Nicolette decided it was time to strike out as a performer in her own right, and took a few of her friends for companionship as she continued her roaming. One of these, Eward, was her lover for two years, and was the man who gifted her with Thibault. Eward and Nicolette parted ways amicably when she was twenty-four, and she returned to Nevarra for a time, staying in Cumberland during the course of the Blight. She regularly corresponds with her family, sending gifts for her little brother, and so far has managed to return once a year to visit them. She has also gone to the spot where her father was cremated twice to pay her respects.

Nicolette has roamed most countries in Thedas at this point, but most recently has come to Kirkwall, drawn by the stories coming out of the beleaguered city. In the course of doing so she was rescued from slavers by a mage, and offered to help out with the underground in return. She runs occasional errands for them, despite being significantly out of her depth, but still spends the majority of her time performing, exploring, and planning her next adventure.
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Nicolette O'Hara

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DAO/DA2 Timeline
Back Story Update for post-DAI

Nicolette continues to wend her free way across Thedas. However, her heart remains with Celeste and while they have periods of separation, she always returns to her captain eventually. After the Breach opened, a long period of trying to find safe passage across to the sea, a series of letters gone undelivered and missing the Wicked Grace by days left Nicolette exhausted and wondering if she would ever catch up to them again. Only by chance, some months later, she found herself at the same docks as Celeste’s ship and managed to reunite with the captain. She hasn’t left her for anything longer than a couple of days since.

While travelling with Celeste – and from time to time, on her own – Nicolette assists the Red Jennies and more rarely the mage underground in various capers. When the Wicked Grace started helping the Inquisition, Nicolette ran small jobs for them as well. Primarily, her focus remains on her performing, and she prefers to run Red Jenny missions with Celeste, as it is more fun. She’s learned more about combat from the crew of the Wicked Grace, but remains largely a pacifist at heart unless one of her friends is in danger.

Thibault has grown old and doddery, but continues to bring his mistress a lot of joy. Fearing losing him during a confrontation, Nicolette acquired another dog in 9:39. Oscar is shorter than Thibault, but broader, a handsome husky cross. Nicolette adores them both and very few people think of giving her trouble when she is flanked by her dogs.

Skill Updates

Specialization: None

Non-Combat Skills:

Expert: Stealth

Intermediate: Healing

Combat Skills:

Master: Bow (shortbow)

Expert: Unarmed combat