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Red Jenny And The Not So Empty House [Complete]

Celeste Monroe

Shenaniginstigator In Chief
DAO/DA2 Timeline
Adelaide's elation shifted quickly to apprehension when Celeste raised the notion that she might need to leave her father's house in a hurry, but she didn't protest that such a necessity would never arise, and she accepted the green bandanna with a shy smile and a murmur of thanks.

A light rap at the door had blue eyes going wide with alarm. “Lady Orland, are you all right? I can see a light under the door – you’re up very late.”

“Ria. My handmaiden,” the girl whispered urgently. “I think she’s all right, but…I’m not sure. Don’t let her see you.”

“She won't,” Celeste whispered back confidently, tipping her new friend a cocky wink before lowering herself from window to trellis – and if she had a sovereign for every mansion that had this selfsame security flaw in the name of appearances, she wouldn't have needed to steal from them.

Not that she really needed to most of the time, mind you, but the fun of the challenge diminished when there was no real challenge.

Booted feet on flagstones warned her of a guard's patrol, and she edged into shadow and stilled just below the window, watching as he strolled past on what he no doubt considered full attention, his eyes looking everywhere but up. The discovery of her surprises in the house would likely improve their vigilance, which would mean she might actually have to make an effort to get past them.

She waited until the sound of his footsteps faded, then completed her descent to the ground, slipping back into the shadows and staying there until she was well away from the Orland estate. Tomorrow, she would convert most of the coin that she had pilfered into silver and copper and leave them at one of the blind drops used by the Jennies. Others would see to it that they got to the right hands; Celeste had done her part, and it was time to celebrate with a drink or three.