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Sofia Elena Ami di Castelbuono

Sofia di Castelbuono

Prominent member
Grey Warden
DAO/DA2 Timeline
Name: Sofia Elena Ami di Castelbuono

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1st Drakonis 9:01

Occupation: Grey Warden

Companion(s): -

Sofia has curling black hair that reaches her shoulderblades, and is normally worn either loose or neatly threaded back with a series of clasps. Her eyes are dark blue and her skin the soft olive common to Antivans. A small silver ring is hooped through her left nostril, and she usually wears earrings when not specifically going out to fight. Meticulous about her appearance, she usually has carmine lips and dark red fingernails, and lines her eyes.

She is of average height and carries herself confidently. She has a small belly that no amount of training will get rid of, but it doesn’t bother her.

Class: Mage

Specialization: None

Weapons & Armor:
Sofia prefers dresses, in deference to the robes she was used to wearing in the Circle. She has a number in blue and silver with the Warden sigil on the chest, which she wears with breeches underneath just in case she is suddenly called in to a fight. When on an expedition or mission, she will wear standard Warden mage gear. Other than the dagger that is the last resort of many mages, she mostly uses a silverite staff with a head carved in the shape of three dragon’s heads, surrounding a blue focusing gem, commissioned for her at great cost by her father on her passing her Harrowing.

Languages: Antivan (both) Common (both) Orlesian (some speaking)

Non-Combat Skills:
Master: Arcane Lore, Healing
Expert: Alchemy, Religious Lore, Research
Intermediate: Calligraphy, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Historical Lore, Natural Lore, Riding, Writing
Novice: Cartography

Combat Skills:
Master: Mass Rejuvenation
Expert: Regeneration, Staves, Earthquake,
Intermediate: Rejuvenate, Stonefist
Novice: Heal, Rock Armour, Mindblast, Glyph of Paralysis

Sofia is immensely self-assured. Throughout her life, she has been heaped with praise - for being a well-behaved girl, then a hard-working mage with a focus on healing abilities and research, with a dedication to the teachings of the Chantry, and then a strongly-performing Warden - that she feels perfectly confident in herself and that by following her instincts, life will take her along a good path. Only once has this belief received a knock, and she immediately turned it to her advantage.

Consequently, she finds it easy to be kind, but not so easy to be patient. Things not going her way make her frustrated and she will interfere to try and correct matters. She's not above sulking when defied, although she tends to stick to the lessons of etiquette she learned as a child, and do it out of sight of others. The influence of her parents remains strong, and she believes firmly in a well-maintained appearance and polite behaviour. She is Andrastian, but ambivalent about the use of the Circles - she feels that they should operate as schools, and while all mages should be tracked, they should not be imprisoned.

She's ambitious, insofar as she can be within the Wardens. Robbed first of being an influential merchant and then of being a reputable Circle mage, the fact that the Wardens should not be involved in politics hasn't stopped her from using their reputation to influence people or promote others by association. While the Wardens based in Seleny as a whole have benefited, this has caused some friction with some people within the Order.

Sofia was born to Luciana and Vincente di Castelbuono, wealthy wine merchants, in 9:01 Dragon. She was the final child of five - two sons and three daughters. As the baby of the family she was doted on, and wanted for nothing. However, she was prevented from becoming spoiled by Vincente's insistence that, like all his children, she started receiving a comprehensive education as early on as possible; his intention was that they would all become people of business or married to and able to influence merchants. Sofia started learning all the skills expected of a young lady, and showed promise right up until the age of seven, when she magically healed a cut on her brother Tommo's hand.

The Castelbuonos, being devout Andrastians, called the templars immediately, but were heartbroken over handing their treasured child to the Chantry. In compromise, Luciana went to the Knight-Commander and the First Enchanter of the Antivan Circle with an offer - in exchange for a regular and generous donation, Sofia would be allowed visits from her family, and minor misdemeanors would go unpunished.

While saddened by being taken from her family, Sofia's inclination was to look forward and try to make the most of the situation. On arriving, she was told if she was a good mage, she would benefit. She misunderstood this to mean that if she was good at magic, rather than well-behaved, and she subsequently threw herself into her studies, pleased to find that healing was her talent. As well as spellwork, she learned how to make potions, splint broken limbs, and create poultices. Her parents and tutors were pleased with her progress over time, and she was tapped to move up to the rank of Senior Enchanter eventually.

To prove herself ready for the responsibility, she volunteered to assist on a request for magical help from the nearest chapter of Wardens, who wanted a healing mage on standby to patch them up after a mission to clear out a small nest of darkspawn from the Tellari swamps. Things went wrong when Sofia's templar handler fled in fear towards the beginning of the fight. Sofia was left exposed when a genlock escaped the Wardens challenging it and bore down on her. With no offensive spells, she tried to club it with her stave, but was scratched before the genlock was brought down. The fight was won and Sofia was able to heal and treat the Wardens effectively, but within hours she started to show signs of the Blight sickness. Faced with explaining to a prominent merchant that his daughter had died under his care, the Warden-Scout in charge of the expedition ordered her conscripted and she was taken to the nearest stronghold. Sofia underwent the Joining while delirious and with little idea of what she was committing to.

She was uncharacteristically but understandably furious when she came to and grasped the full ramifications of the Joining. Her anger came a close second to that of her family, the First Enchanter who had accepted the request for help and the Knight-Commander who had permitted it. The templar who had fled was found dead a week later, and by mutual agreement no efforts were made to track down his killer. Sofia, meanwhile, quickly came to realise that being part of the Wardens offered her unprecedented freedom, and decided to apply herself to the study of magical combat and darkspawn as vigorously as she had her subjects in the Circle. Helped along by another mage, Andreas, who taught her some more aggressive spells from the Earth school, she found that she wasn’t half bad at it.

The next five years went by as uneventfully as a Warden’s life could. Sofia expanded on her abilities as a healer and developed her offensive spells alongside it, which various opportunities to use both. She enjoyed dalliances both within and outside the Order, but choses carefully; she has a mind towards promotion and doesn’t involve herself with anybody who might pose a risk.

After a recent, disastrous expedition almost cost the lives of three people, Sofia decided it was time to make her suit for the role of Warden-Lieutenant. The man currently holding the role for Seleny had made a number of poor decisions that had made him unpopular with the garrison, but he was cunning enough to realise what Sofia was up to and decided he needed to get rid of her before she claimed his place. A well-timed letter to the Antivan Commander, which arrived around the same time as rumours of trouble between the Fereldan Wardens as the Chantry, suggested that Sofia should be sent to a chapter that was short on mages. Perhaps the south, still recovering from the evisceration of their Wardens following the Blight.

Sofia has therefore been packed off to Ferelden, with the intention that she be on long-term loan until the Wardens have shored up their numbers again. She is not keen on leaving her sunny country and beloved family for the south, but assumes it will only be for a short while until the Commander realises how truly incompetent the Seleny lieutenant is. On the way to Amaranthine, her ship was forced off course by a storm, and she has therefore arrived in Denerim with a letter of introduction in hand and very little idea of what to expect. She plans to make herself valuable.
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