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Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune [Closed]

Josephine Montilyet

Ambassador of the Inquisition
Canon Character
Post DAI Timeline
If Sati found Josephine’s request odd, she gave no sign. “Of course,” she replied immediately, regarding the display with mild interest. “I know little of the construction of such things, but it is pleasing to look at. I am sure your cousin’s daughter would appreciate it greatly.” A gently knowing smile touched the words, and Josephine felt her heart flutter. Did she remember? “Do you wish to go inside, or simply admire her from afar?”

Whether Sati remembered or not, the opportunity was not one that Josephine could refuse. “I should buy her, I think,” she replied, trying to sound practical. “I doubt that any dollmakers will be setting up shop in Skyhold any time soon,” she added wryly, giving the Inquisitor a grateful smile before stepping through the door of the shop.

There were other dolls, made of porcelain, wood, or cloth, but Josephine did not give in to the temptation to browse, going straight to the window display and pointing out her choice to the proprietor, who watched as she examined her prize. Up close, the expert craftsmanship was even more evident: the painting of the face on the porcelain head was exquisite, the hair (mohair, from the feel of it) perfectly attached to the head, the porcelain arms and legs securely joined to the soft torso. The clothing - oh, it was beautiful! Shimmering satin and cunning lace, even real, polished leather slippers on the tiny feet.

“Gabriella will love it,” she murmured, knowing that she would indeed send the doll to her cousin’s daughter. Had she been here alone … but she would not lie to Sati, even in such a foolish matter. But perhaps before she wrapped it, she would change the clothes, make the hair look a bit better.

So she purchased the doll … and two more beautifully tailored dresses, one red and one blue … and a tiny brush and comb and ribbons for her hair … and a lovely little velvet cape lined with rabbit fur. It was more than she should have spent, but her own expenses in the service of the Inquisition were relatively few.

“Thank you,” she told Sati as they left the shop, tucking the box beneath her arm, successfully resisting the temptation to hug her acquisition to her chest in delight, and feeling lighter at heart than she had since word of her courier’s murders had reached her. Foolish, perhaps, to take such pleasure in such a childish thing, but what harm if no one knew? “It was good to focus upon something else for a time.” But time was still passing, and the House of Repose would only stay their hand for so long. “When does our ship leave?” Back across the sea to Jader, then overland to Skyhold. The notion that anything could threaten her there seemed farfetched, but any Antivan maintained a healthy respect for the ability and ingenuity of assassins. But behind the massive walls, she could breathe for a bit and then begin to send out the first feelers for what she intended to do.

Sati Adaar

Prominent member
Canon Character
Post DAI Timeline
Josie was quick to come to a decision; the doll would come back to Skyhold with her. Sati followed her into the shop, ducking her head to avoid scraping the lintel. The shopkeeper’s face was a picture; she had been wearing an obsequious smile for Josie, obviously taking note of her fine silk clothing and jewellery, then the expression froze on her face as Sati came in after her. At any moment she might slip into outright terror or call for the guards. Hoping not to ruin Josie’s moment of happiness, Sati dipped her head in a civil manner towards the shopkeep, who stared at her for a moment longer before relaxing enough to nod back. It was better than some reactions Sati had received before.

She stayed towards the door, hands tucked behind her back. She had little interest in dolls to begin with, and some of the works in here were quite fine; it would be all too easy to break something. Instead she watched as Josie picked up the doll, examining it with a fond expression that made Sati smile softly. It was evidently of fine enough make to warrant some extra accessories, and Sati whiled away those minutes wondering about who had made the items. It must be an odd existence to cobble tiny shoes and sew tiny items of clothing far finer than most full size people could afford, knowing they would only ever go on an inanimate object.

A few minutes later, Josie handed over several gold pieces, and tucked the box under her arm, indicating it was time to go. She appeared much happier than she had been since before the courier had arrived with news of her messengers. “Thank you. It was good to focus upon something else for a time.”

That time was brief; a shadow passed over Josie’s eyes. “When does our ship leave?”

“In two hours. And if the House of Repose possesses the honour they claim-” while a guild of assassins could own no honour in Sati’s eyes, they were at least bound by rules she could understand, albeit reluctantly - “they won’t harry you today. Given the terms of the contract, I’d imagine they’d proceed no further with harassing you until you made it clear that you intended to continue restoring the Montiliyet influence.” Sati wouldn’t ask her if that was what she intended - not until they were far away from these shores. Doubtless overtures to this Du Paraquettes would follow, and then the guild would act on the terms of the contract. Sati would speak to Cullen and Leliana about keeping a closer eye on their ambassador. “Perhaps you would still like to retire to the ship anyway, for your peace of mind. We could share a drink in the galley to kill the time?”

Sati could hold her drink well, so there was no risk of embarrassing herself - the Valo-Kas had taught her well. She had still always been wary of drinking around Josie, in case the alcohol loosen her tongue, but if anybody needed a stiff drink right now it would be Josie.