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Thornecroft Timelines

Hanamene Thornecroft

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DAO/DA2 Timeline
Combined for Hana and @Magnus, since so much overlap exists between them.

Thornecroft Timelines

9:07, Solace
Hinterlands, Ferelden

  • Caethan Farkas Thornecroft was born.
9:12, Wintermarch
Hinterlands, Ferelden

  • Hanamene Rosamund Thornecroft was born.
9:14, Justinian
Kinloch Hold, Ferelden

  • The Templar Order at Kinloch Hold discovered the indiscretions of one of their own, a Knight-Tracker by the name of Ser Graeven Thornecroft. For having taken up with an elven woman without sanction, Ser Graeven was transferred to the Hossberg Circle in the Anderfels. The children born of his union (Hanamene and Magnus) with the elven woman remained in Ferelden to be raised by their paternal grandparents.
  • Regardless of his transfer, Ser Graeven still took advantage of his role as a traveling Knight-Tracker to check in on his children over the years to come.
9:14, August to 9:30, Solace
Hossberg, Anderfels

  • While the Hossberg Circle was known to work closely with the Grey Wardens of Weisshaupt, both in the Anderfels, a number of varying rumours would circulate about Ser Graeven having butt heads with the ranks of the latter.
9:30, August
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • Ser Graeven Thornecroft was transferred again, this time to the Kirkwall Circle.
9:23, Drakonis
Hinterlands, Ferelden

  • Caethen would win his first fight, in the Hinterlands region, as an amateur pugilist.
9:30, Kingsway
Hinterlands, Ferelden

  • Thornecroft Cottage was overrun with darkspawn.
  • Mason and Estella Thornecroft, the siblings’ grandparents, were killed.
  • Hanamene and Caethan began their flight north.
9:30, Harvestmere
Ferelden & Free Marches

  • The siblings met the beleaguered Ser Luther, and in saving him Hanamene killed the Orlesian apostate Gauvain Angevine.
  • The trio journey north and secure passage to the Free Marches.
  • The siblings were reunited with their templar father in Kirkwall. Ser Graeven Thornecroft leveraged his position at the Order to ensure his children were allowed entry into the city.
9:30, Firstfall
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • Hanamene and Caethan would begin more formal clerical studies at Kirkwall’s Chantry.
Timeline spoiler for Hanamene and Magnus' templar father...
(OOC: Adding this in case anyone wants to incorporate any sort of affiliation with the deceased Knight-Tracker (friendly or rivalrous). I'm open to it! PM me. He is deceased as of August 9:34, but does appear in Stories of the Past on occasion.)

Ser Graeven Thornecroft

[Pre-9:13] Becoming A Knight-Tracker

To the chagrin of his Tevinter mother and to the relief of his Fereldan father, Graeven set out to become a templar quite early in his youth. He squired for a local knight out of Redcliffe for a short time, and through his father’s association with the Chantry he quickly embraced monastic life, which led to his training and taking both his vigil and his vows. Graeven was all but segregated from his parents during this early period of academic and militant tutelage. He only reconnected with them later in life, after fathering his first child. As a Knight-Tracker, Hana’s late father had seen and explored a great deal of Thedas during his lifetime. He crossed paths with varying templars, mages, Chantry-folk and even wardens in his time.

[9:14] Ferelden Circle/First Transfer: Hossberg

He was with the Ferelden Circle firstly, but was transferred to the Hossberg Circle in the Anderfels after it was discovered he had fathered two children with an elven woman in Ferelden without having disclosed his relationship with the latter to the Order ahead of time. He left his children in the care of his parents, but leveraged his position as a scouring Knight-Tracker to return home - on rare and unpredictable occasions - to see his family when he could manage doing so. Despite this, he was still rather estranged from them which is why, when his children were old enough and in an attempt to bond with them, he began to train them no differently than any militant recruit. While his doing so strengthened his relationship with his daughter, it did have the opposite effect with his son.

[9:14 to 9:29] Rumour

While the Hossberg Circle was known to work closely with the Grey Wardens of Weisshaupt, a number of varying rumours exist about Ser Graeven having butt heads with the ranks of the latter.

[9:30, August] Second Transfer: Kirkwall

Ser Graeven was in Ferelden, having tracked an Anderfels apostate there, just before the Fifth Blight occurred. In the chaos that ensued, Ser Graeven found himself along the north helping his countrymen flee the darkspawn for Kirkwall. He put in for a transfer to Kirkwall during this time, which was hastily approved as the Hossberg Circle was glad to be rid of him. In Kirkwall, he was eventually reunited with his children in a seeming act of providence when they fled, separately from himself, from Ferelden to Kirkwall as well.

[9:34, Late August] Murder

He was killed sometime between the dates of 21 and 30 August, 9:34, purportedly by a blood mage given the condition his body was in when his corpse was discovered along the Wounded Coast.

The Templar Order in Kirkwall held a service for him after his body was cremated, on the Annum Kingsway, 9:34. His ashes are in storage, laid to rest in an urn, at Kirkwall's Chantry.


Ser Graeven was a hard person to read. To his family, he was an unaffectionate man of few words. To his peers, he was a man of even but very cool temper, fair but unfriendly for the most part. To his superiors, he seemed aloof and some occasionally found him veer, almost, toward insubordinate at times - generally due to his addressing his superiors as if they were instead still his peers. Fathering two children and, allegedly, marrying an elven woman without the Order’s consent aside, Ser Graeven was an otherwise obedient templar and an effective tracker though a few thought the restrained man was sometimes a little too calm around mages. Few of his colleagues knew that his mother, Estella, was the daughter of a disgraced, and assassinated, magister of the Imperium (or that she was an apostate herself, for that matter - having married his father, Mason Thornecroft, after she’d fled to Ferelden to begin life anew).

Hanamene's Timeline

DA:O/DA:2 Timelines

9:30, Haring
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • Hana’s brother disappeared, leaving her only a curt letter.
9:31, Wintermarch
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • Hanamene’s prior, informal templar training - courtesy of her Knight-Tracker father - was recognized by the Order and she was formally deemed a templar recruit despite being older than most recruits.
9:34, Kingsway
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • After her father’s death, Hanamene was officially offered a place as a full-fledged templar amongst the Order, she initially agreed and yet later the same evening had a crisis of faith and abandoned the Circle.
  • She took up employ as a cargo guard along Kirkwall’s docks.
9:34, Firstfall
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • Hal discovered Hanamene shivering along the docks, guarding a merchant’s vessel. He offered her a new position with Saeridin & Son Building Company, inclusive of room and board.
9:34, Haring to Present
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • Hanamene remains in Hal Saeridin’s employ, but continues to seek answers and investigates her father’s death as the Blood Mage responsible remains at large.
  • Hanamene contacted Arl Teagan (9:35, Kingsway) concerning the restoration of her family’s land.
  • The Arl of Redcliffe granted Hanamene her request.
  • Though she remains in Kirkwall for the time being, arrangements to rebuild Thornecroft Cottage from afar can finally, if slowly, begin.
  • She continues to mourn the loss of her entire family.
DA:I Timelines


  • Hanamene eventually rebuilt her family's land though relinquished her rights to inherit the property for the express reasons of repurposing it to serve the Arling of Redcliffe as a halfway cantonment between Redcliffe and Lothering.
  • She resumed her family's historical fealty to the Arl of Redcliffe during this timeframe, and would have furthered her military training while in his service.
  • By this period, Hanamene would have developed into a veteran soldier and cavalrywoman, leading a small unit of never more than ten cavalry irregulars. The unit, while small, would have had a reputation of some kind or another. They would have patrolled the Redcliffe and Hinterland general region.
[OOC: Depending on how plots organically unfold IC, Hanamene may or may not have had affiliation with the Inquisition, her allegiance by this timeframe would have rested with Arl Teagan and thus any association she might have had in service to either the Inquisition or the Ferelden Crown would have been through him i.e. obeying Teagan's orders.]

Magnus' Timeline

DA:O/DA:2 Timelines

9:30, Haring
Kirkwall, Free Marches

  • Caethan abandoned his Chantry obligations and headed to Darktown to resume his career as a pugilist, his fighting moniker back then being known as Hard-Cross.
9:31, Cloudreach
Free Marches & Nevarra

  • A Grey Warden recruiter from the Anderfels discovered Caethan fighting for coin in Darktown, and attempted to conscript him.
  • Caethan evaded the Anderfels Warden before his Joining could take place, and promptly fled west to Nevarra.
9:31, Bloomingtide to 9:31, Firstfall
Cumberland, Nevarra

  • Caethan laid low in Cumberland.
  • “Caethan Thornecroft” was soon presumed dead.
  • He began to take on a new identity, altering his appearance as well. He took up the first name of his paternal grandmother’s disgraced, and long-since assassinated, magister father - Magnus Augur - but adopted a thrown-together surname instead, calling himself Magnus Soporati.
9:32, Wintermarch to 9:35, Harvestmere

  • Magnus returned to Ferelden, only after learning that the Fifth Blight had ended.
  • He would begin to find work as a mercenary and an enforcer, though occasionally still fought as a pugilist albeit under the fighting name of Magnus the Vint.
9:35, Firstfall to Present
Highever, Ferelden

  • Magnus recently rolled into Highever.
  • He continues to avoid Grey Wardens, and darkspawn, whenever possible.
  • Magnus remains wholly ignorant of his father’s death.
DA:I Timelines

Location TBD
  • Plots TBD
[OOC: I don't know what Magnus' role will be for the Inquisition plots just yet, I'm still feeling him out - feel free to PM me with ideas.]
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