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Into the Underground [Group 2, Closed]

Mysaria Grivia

Grey Warden
Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline
(( Alongside Wardens At The Gate, Aerion Hunter, Siali Arnith ))

Mysa had never been to Orzammar.

She had the opportunity to traverse much of Ferelden early on in her Warden career, visiting the teyrnir in the north, Redcliffe in the south, and her eventual placement in Gwaren. Denerim and Amaranthine were the most familiar places to her, considering the strongholds the wardens had. The Frostbacks had been a sight to see as they approached from the road, looming above and snowcapped. It was a glorious vision to get to see them this close, and even closer still when they made their way into the Gherlen Pass. It was almost enough to allow her to ignore the cold, but not quite. She pulled her cloak around her with one hand, keeping her other tight on the reins of the horse that carried her.

That was mostly new to her as well. She'd been practicing, trying to learn how to ride for a few months now, and while she could stay on the creature, if it ever bolted she knew she'd be in trouble. Which made the marketplace outside of Orzammar a welcome sight. It meant standing on her own two shaky -- and somewhat sore -- legs. She looked around at the other wardens, proud to be part of this expedition, before her eyes fell on Aerion near her. She gave him a warm smile, as they navigated their way past the vendors.

She knew once they were in the tunnels, things would be harsher, more tense, so she wanted to enjoy the less dangerous moments while she could. That's when a voice near Aerion called out, “Oi! Big ‘un! How’d you manage to rate six? If the Wardens be givin’ out harems, I might join up!

Her eyes widened a bit, before her expression hardened at the near-toothless man. Before anything could exit her mouth, Cauthrien had stepped in, sword pulled from scabbard and Dragon moving into a near menacing position, scaring off the heckler. Mysa exhaled, watching Aerion for a moment, wondering if he had understood what the man had meant.

Finally, they were greeted by the dwarven captain, “Wardens, King Bhelen is expecting you. We’ll see to your horses.

She thankfully slipped off the saddle, though she took a moment to brace against the side of the horse she had been riding. She could have made this trek with just the strength of her own legs, but something about being saddled so long threw her off. Cauthrien called for them to gather their things from the horses, and she began to untie her supplies and packs. Most of her sundry involved various healing elixirs and items to make more in a pinch, but there was lyrium as well. That she carefully handled, attaching the well insulated bag to her belt.

"I do hope it's as warm as expected inside the mountain." She'd heard there were lava flows, so she could only imagine it was, but she could feel the cold all the way to the bone and was ready for some warmth. She moved closer to Aerion once she had everything from her horse, hand touching his forearm before heading over to Cauthrien. "Will we be getting rooms, or will we be going straight to an audience?"

Aerion Hunter

Grey Warden
DAO/DA2 Timeline
Aerion had not been looking forward to this trip. Frankly, he had been dreading it since Aria had brought it up, knowing full well that she wanted to go. What she was expecting, he didn’t know. Considering how much of her life had been spent in smaller spaces, he supposed she might be more used to it than he was giving her credit for, but considering how ‘never’ was the earliest he had wanted to return to the Deep Roads, this was much too soon for his liking.

There was absolutely no way, however, that he would let her go it without him. Not to mention, as the most recent traveler through the Deep Roads in Ferelden, he felt fairly obligated to go, even if he didn’t want to.

Destination aside, the trip wasn’t all that much fun, either. Back in Gwaren, Aria had managed to secure a fairly large horse for him to use - one that, thankfully, had not given him any trouble. Considering how he’d never ridden a horse, nor felt comfortable doing so, getting him used to riding one at all took a fair amount of time. At least it didn’t seem to might carrying his extra weight, something that Aerion was always worried about.

The presence of a market so close to the entrance to Orzammar was something that confused him at first, but made sense after some thought. They would get first dibs on anything sold from the place. His mind was on the matter when a shout bellowed in his direction, drawing him out of it.

“Oi! Big ‘un! How’d you manage to rate six? If the Wardens be givin’ out harems, I might join up!”

Aerion briefly shook his head, startled out of his reverie by the words. So caught up in his thoughts was he that he initially didn’t understand the implication. Six? What was he rating, and why was a ‘six’ the deciding number? The Warden-Constable was the first to react, showing him her blade in response, and the way the dwarf stood down had him truly thinking about his words.


A low growl escaped him, and he glared over at the dwarf’s retreating form. But as tempted as he was to give chase and introduce his fist to the dwarf’s face (could he even reach? He would have to duck first, he was absolutely certain), they were here for far more important reasons than him. Although Aerion couldn’t help but wonder if punching the dwarf might at least excuse him from having to go into the Deep Roads again.

The order came to dismount and gather their things, and Aerion was only partly relieved from being able to get on his own two feet again. Collecting his pack of supplies, there was a fair amount of heft to it, having insisted on carrying the heavier items that Aria might have, along with his own. "I do hope it's as warm as expected inside the mountain."

Well, that was one way of putting it. “Some parts are. Others feel colder than this mountain.” The lack of light was the worst of it, really. He hoped they were fairly good at following their noses… if not, he knew what his role in all of this was going to be.

Siali Arnith

Active member
Grey Warden
DAO/DA2 Timeline
The trip had produced a few conflicted feelings. For the first, Siali was pleased to have such an extended time with her lover by her side. The second was the usual buzz of tension under her skin at having the huge form of Aerion around. The third was excitement. They were going to Orzammar, seeing where Erna had been raised, and they might even do into the Deeps themselves. Thinking about the fights that might be about to come, as well as attending to the responsibilities of her new rank, kept Siali occupied and cheerful enough that she’d done very little grumbling on the journey. Max had seemed to be happy about being out of the city, trotting along in a group of comrades, although Siali had worried for him a bit after they’d got snowed in. He seemed to have shaken the cold pretty well, though.

Nothing had tried to attack them (which would have been suicide, anyway), and despite the loss of the snow day, they’d made pretty good time since. They’d reached the mountains and as their horses had tramped up the pass, Siali found herself looking to the woods and wondering if this was the same path she’d taken on her roundabout flight from Highever. It wasn’t even that long ago, on the scale of her life time, that she’d been unarmoured, barely armed, broken and starving somewhere in these woods.

If only she could have seen herself now.

Although back then if somebody had implied she was part of a human’s harem, she would have torn both their arms off. When the merchant did the same here, she only considered it for a moment, lip curling, before ignoring him. Cauthrien had the situation in hand. Instead she focused on wrapping her head around the size of the entrance gates. Why did the place need to be so big when the average occupant could walk between Aerion’s legs without headbutting him somewhere unfortunate?

Siali swung herself off Max, and started picking up the various items attached to him. Some of them, like the tent and sleep roll, could be dropped off at wherever they were staying inside, but most of them were her weapons. Besides her swords, she had a number of daggers, a small wooden chest that was carefully packed to the brim with poisons and explosives, and one very sharp stiletto. Just for anybody who might not be keen on the Wardens running around the city.

Mysaria was also gazing up at the mountain by the time she finished. “I do hope it’s as warm as expected inside the mountain.”

Aerion was the voice of experience in this, apparently. “Some parts are. Others feel colder than this mountain.”

“Hrm. How long were you in the Deep Roads before, Aerion?” Siali was aware that he’d had experience, although she didn’t know the full extent of it. She was still getting used to her new role and was trying to learn useful information about her fellow Wardens all the time – even if she had previously not had a great working history with them.